BoM 04 Annecy 2010 EDH RULES CONSTRUCTION AND BANNED LIST ! 3 mai 2010 News by: Kevin

Tournament rules for EDH Tournament at BoM4

Constrution rules :

* Each deck must contain exactly 100 cards.
* The EDH Format follows the construction rules of Vintage as per the authorized sets and editions. A list of banned cards is available at the end of this article.
* Decks follow the one-of-a-kind rule, which means they can’t contain more than one card with the same name, with the exception of basic lands.
* One of these cards must be a Legendary creature, which is the deck’s General.
* No card in the deck can have printed on it a mana symbol that doesn’t appear in the General’s casting cost.
Example: If Doran, the Siege Tower is your General, you can’t play Noble Hierarch, since it has a blue mana symbol printed in his textbox.
* No sideboard is allowed.

Tournament structure :

* Each match is played “best of three” (just like a classic individual tournament).
* Rounds will last 60 minutes, after which players will share 5 additional turns.

Format specific rules:

* Each player starts the game with 30 life points.
* If a player should add a mana of a colour that is not present in the General’s casting cost, he or she adds a colorless mana instead.
Example: A player whose General is Doran, the Siege Tower can’t add red mana with Spectral Searchlight. If he or she chooses red, he or she gets a colorless mana instead.

Mulligan rule:

* For this tournament, the mulligan rule will be Paris-Normandy:Choose X cards from your hand and put those cards aside. Draw that many cards minus one, then shuffle back the cards set aside into your library.
* Mulligans beyond the first one follow the same rule.

Général Specific rules :

* The General starts the game in the Command Zone. He therefore can’t be chosen with a Living Wish.
* If the General would go in the graveyard, his owner can choose to place him in the Command Zone instead.
If the owner does so, “When a permanent is put into a graveyard” triggered abilities don’t trigger (such as Skullclamp).
* Everytime you play your General from the Command Zone, pay his cost plus 2 colorless for each General counter on him, then put a General counter on him. These counters cannot be removed in any way.
These counters are not put when the General is put into the Commad Zone, but when he’s played.
* The General of a deck gains the “General” supertype. This supertype cannot be removed by any effect, even a copy effect, and doesn’t constitute a copiable value.
If 2 legendary creatures are in play at the same time and both have the “General” supertype, the state based action names the “Legend Rule” doesn’t apply.
Example : If a Clone copies a General, it doesn’t copy the “General » supertype and both creature go to the graveyard.
* A new state based action is created: if a player is dealt during a game at least 21 points of combat damage from a unique General, he or she loses the game.
Example: If a player is dealt 20 damage from his or her opponent’s General and 2 damage from his or her General, he or she doesn’t lose the game.
EDH-specific banned cards :

* Generals (only as a deck’s General):
o Braids, Cabal Minion
o Erayo, soratami Ascendant
o Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary

* Any ante card :
o Amulet of Quoz
o Bronze Tablet
o Contract from Below
o Darkpact
o Demonic Attorney
o Jeweled Bird
o Rebirth
o Tempest Efreet
o Timmerian Fiends

* Any card requiring physical abilities :
o Chaos Orb
o Falling Star

* As well as the following cards:
o Ancestral Recall
o Black Lotus
o Crucible of Worlds
o Dark Depths
o Gifts Ungiven
o Grindstone
o Karakas
o Mana Crypt
o Mind Twist
o Mindslaver
o Mox Emerald
o Mox Jet
o Mox Pearl
o Mox Ruby
o Mox Sapphire
o Necropotence
o Protean Hulk
o Sensei's Divining Top
o Sol Ring
o Staff of Domination
o Sundering Titan
o Time Walk
o Time Vault
o Tinker
o Upheaval
o Yawgmoth's Bargain