BoM 07 Annecy 2013 BOM VII : LE DEBRIEF' 16 mai 2013 News by: Kevin

Toutes les listes des Top8 de BoM7 sont sur

Le coverage général de BoM7 est sur
Jour 1 (PTQ)
Jour 2 (Commander)
Jour 3 (Legacy Main Event Jour 1)
Jour 4 (Legacy Main Event Jour 2 et Top8)
Jour 5 (Vintage Main Event et Vainqueur du Golden BoM)

Bonus Clip by Tibo :
[VIDEO]Le Teaser de BoM7
[VIDEO]Le top 8 du Main Event Legacy de BoM7


Retrouvez toutes les infos sur les vainqueurs de BoM7 sur la page Hall of Fame du BoM !

BoM 07 Annecy 2013 BOM VII : LEGACY MAIN 12 mai 2013 News by: Kevin

Legacy Main event winer is :

Nicolas Goldberg with Omni Maniac deck (version of French Omni Clach)

Nicolas Goldberg

total coverage, top 8 and result on

BoM 07 Annecy 2013 BOM VII : COVERAGE 8 mai 2013 News by: Kevin

BoM 7 is now starting !!!


Find our video & coverage by Watch da Match : HERE

watch da match bazaar of moxen

BoM 07 Annecy 2013 BOM VII : COVERAGE 8 mai 2013 News by: Kevin

Check out our first day special teaser of the BoM7

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BoM 07 Annecy 2013 BOM VII : CRAZY WEEK END ! 13 janv. 2013 News by: Kevin

The official announcement of next BOM, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 MAY 2013 !

Keeping the basics that made BoM a success for 6 years now, we’ll make many great changes in 2013.

BoM7 will still happen in May. In 2013, we’ll have the pleasure to welcome you for 5 days of gaming, from Wednesday, 8th to Sunday 12th.
Since both Wednesday, 8th and Thursday 9th are bank holidays in several countries, this makes a long week-end of gaming without many days off work.

BoM’s 7th Edition will still be held in Annecy. Taking your remarks into account we’ve looked into a better venue and will be pleased to welcome you in a brand new room that can comfortably sit 1000 players. Its address:
Complexe d'animation
2000, route d'Albertville
Sevrier is literally touching Annecy. There is public transportation to and from the venue. Here's a Google map of the area: Google map

Besides finding a better venue, we have also thought about the length of the tournaments. Having you play 14 rounds in one day was just not fun. Therefore we have decided to run the Main Event over two days: Day1 will be held on Friday and Day2 on Saturday. Players with 21 points or more after 9 rounds will be qualified for Day2. For those of you who won’t make Day 2, you’ll find another great Legacy tournament to enter.
There are only two things we couldn’t change : 

  • We’ll still be giving out hundreds of duallands and dozens of P9 pieces in 2013. For the first time, we’ll distribute more than 300 duallands as prizes.
  • We guarantee the prizes we announce, no matter what the tournament attendance is.

The only right we retain is to add even more prizes if the attendance exceeds our expectations!

Enjoy !
affiche flyer bazaar of moxen bom 7 VII