BoM 05 Annecy 2011 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! GO BoM 5 ! 1 nov. 2011 News by: Kevin

The official announcement of next BOM!

Bom crew wants to wishes you an happy new year and offers you the opportunity to play at the biggest eternal event in the world : Bazaar of Moxen.

3 days of events, amazing prizes, beautiful city, lot of judges is the mix we're preparing in order to make you never forget this week end.

13-14-15 May is the date you have to be in Annecy, capital of Eternal for 3 days of hapiness.

We let you see everything you need about BoM 5 on this website, if you need further information, feel free to email us at

BoM 05 Annecy 2011 GREAT THX from BoM V 20 mai 2011 News by: Kevin

One more time, we'd like to thank you all for BoM V ! The Spirit of Eternal has won this year again and we have been very happy to welcome you during these 3 crazy days !

Eternal-lovers from all around the world have enjoyed the event this year, with a 633-player Legacy and a 383-player Vintage Main Events, as well as all « Last Chance » Trials from Friday.

Melting competition and a great time is the true Spirit of Eternal, and that's why the whole staff of Bazaar of Moxen, no matter how tired he is, addresses you the hugest possible THANKS!

A gamer week for wordly people, Russian, Italian, German, Czech, Spanish, Irish, English, Panamean, dutch, swedish, finnish, portuguese, Polish, American, Belgian, Swiss, Canadian but also locals, we hope you have spent a wonderful week-end !

Once again we wan’t to thanks Cesar Fernandez (CHaPuZaS) for is hard work on decklist, top 8 and coverage ! And for the first time « Watchdamatch » who make crazy video of the events (

Let's not forget:
The outstanding catering lead by Jé Rozé. With, Pierre, Christophe, Julien, and girls power Team : Karine, Sophie, Clothilde, Laurence, Anne Sophie, Edwidge…
The golden judge staff who managed to deal with all the problems through the week-end, lead by Carlos HO for both tournament, not forgetting all those who have judged during 48h in 4 days, judges from 5 nationality (Panama, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Czetch and France)!
A bullet-proof Logistics team.
A final thanks to our sponsor,, without whom nothing would have been possible.

Congrats to our winners:

Frauenschlager Matthias (Landstill UBG) who won BoM Legacy 2011
and the incredible
Omar Rohner (Turbo tezz) who won BoM Vintage 2011 (after won BoM legacy 2010 !!!)

GOLDEN BOM 2011, is for :
Martin Lindstrom
from Goetborg (Sweden) being the best ranked player when merging both Main Events.

These 3 days have been memorable and we can already tell you we will be waiting for you at BoM VI ! Until then, build up new decks or improve yours, think about your successes and meditate over your losses, the most important thing being to reach the Spirit of Eternal!


Find TOP 8 Here >>>

For The deck LIST it's Here >>>

The WINNER's are Here >>>

BoM 05 Annecy 2011 GOLDEN BOM 2011 !!! 14 avril 2011 News by: Kevin

It’s time for our amazing GOLDEN BOM 2011 !

A special extraordinary prize for the best performer in average in legacy + vintage tournament.

A Mox Jet altered by the master Dan FRAZIER himsel !

Enjoy :

Dan frazier altered bom bazaar of moxen golden bom

BoM 05 Annecy 2011 BYES AT BoM 5 13 avril 2011 News by: Kevin

How can I get some byes for BoM 5 legacy and vintage ?

- First of all, you can play in Trials we organize all around the world. Click here to see BoM 5 trial list
- You have a good DCI ranking ? 1900 in Eternal and 1950 in Total give you one bye in Legacy and one bye in vintage
- You have a great DCI ranking ? 1950 in Eternal and 2000 in Total give you two byes in Legacy and two byes in vintage
- You're a Pro Player level 3 or 4 ? So you get one bye in legacy and one bye in vintage
- You're a Pro Player level 5, 6 or 7 ? So you get two byes in legacy and two byes in vintage
- You're a Member of the Magic HALL OF FAME ? So you get two byes in legacy and two byes in vintage

Rating will be taken on Wednesday 11th May 2011.

Please note that if you're pro player you have to write an email before the 11th May to inform that you're coming and you requiere some byes.