BoM 04 Annecy 2010 HUGE THANKS !!! 24 mai 2010 News by: Kevin

Once again, we'd like to tank you all for BoM IV ! The SPirit of Eternal has won this year again and we have been very happy to welcome you during these 4 crazy days !

Eternal-lovers from all around the world have enjoyed the event this year, with a 498-player Legacy and a 347-player Vintage Main Events, as well as 6 Last Chance Trials from Thursday and Friday.

Melting competition and a great time is the true Spirit of Eternal, and that's why the whole staff of Bazaar of Moxen, no matter how tired he is, addresses you the hugest possible THANKS!

Whether you are Italian, German, Czech, Spanish, Irish, English, American, Belgian, Swiss, Canadian but also locals (called French I believe ), we hope you have spent a wonderful week-end ! We'd like to especially thank our 4 friends from Tahiti, who have travelled 22000km to come in here and who are once again the winners for the longest trip to come to BoM.

We'd like to thank the representatives of the Vintage communities: Stinfo, Jim Brophy, the "Irish father," the Czech leader, Tobias Egelhof from and of course Cesar Fernandez, outstanding journalist and coverage expert

Find TOP 8 Here >>>

The WINNER's are Here >>>

For The deck LIST it's Here >>>

Let's not forget:
The outstanding catering led by Jé Rozé.
The golden judge staff who managed to deal with all the problems through the week-end, led by Kevin Desprez (Legacy) and Daniel Kitachewsky (Vintage), not forgetting all those who have judged during 48h in 4 days !
A bullet-proof Logistics team.
A final thanks to our sponsor,, without whom nothing would have been possible.

A tournament that has gathered amateurs and pro players like Guillaume Matignon, Guillaume Wafo-Tapa or Antoine Ruel. A BoM who managed to attract professionnal poker players like Nicolas Levi (croc monsieur) from the French poker team Winamax and to bring back Pierre "Pedro" Canali to the first card game he has known!

Congrats to our winners:

Omar Rohner (Merfolks) who won BoM Legacy 2010
Fabian Moyschewitz (MUD) who won BoM Vintage 2010 as well as the GOLDEN BOM, being the best ranked player when merging both Main Events with only one loss in two days.
These 4 days have been memorable and we can already tell you we will be waiting for you at BoM V! Until then, build up new decks or improve yours, think about your successes and meditate over your losses, the most important thing being to reach the Spirit of Eternal!



BoM 04 Annecy 2010 ONLY ONE MORE WEEK TO PREREGISTER !!! 5 mai 2010 News by: Kevin

Come join 350 preregistered players in legacy and 250 in Vintage !

Last news about registration :
EDH : registration on thursday 13th May from 9 to 10h50.
Thursday Trial (both legacy and vintage) : from 9h to 14h.
Friday trial (both legacy and vintage) : from 9h to 14h.
Legacy Main event (saturday 15th May) : Friday evening 14th May from 16h to 20h and Saturday morning from 7h to 8h30.
Vintage Main event (Sunday 16th May) : Friday evening 14th May from 16h to 20h and Sunday morning from 7h to 8h30.

Preregistrations are still open until Wednesday 11st May Midnight :


BoM 04 Annecy 2010 BYES FROM RATING FOR BoM 4? 3 mai 2010 News by: Kevin

To get 1 bye in Vintage@BoM4 or Legacy@BoM4 :
1900 in eternal or 2000 in total
To get 2 byes in Vintage@BoM4 or Legacy@BoM4 :
1950 in eternal or 2050 in total
Rating will be taken on May 12nd 2010

BoM 04 Annecy 2010 EDH RULES CONSTRUCTION AND BANNED LIST ! 3 mai 2010 News by: Kevin

Tournament rules for EDH Tournament at BoM4

Constrution rules :

* Each deck must contain exactly 100 cards.
* The EDH Format follows the construction rules of Vintage as per the authorized sets and editions. A list of banned cards is available at the end of this article.
* Decks follow the one-of-a-kind rule, which means they can’t contain more than one card with the same name, with the exception of basic lands.
* One of these cards must be a Legendary creature, which is the deck’s General.
* No card in the deck can have printed on it a mana symbol that doesn’t appear in the General’s casting cost.
Example: If Doran, the Siege Tower is your General, you can’t play Noble Hierarch, since it has a blue mana symbol printed in his textbox.
* No sideboard is allowed.

Tournament structure :

* Each match is played “best of three” (just like a classic individual tournament).
* Rounds will last 60 minutes, after which players will share 5 additional turns.

Format specific rules:

* Each player starts the game with 30 life points.
* If a player should add a mana of a colour that is not present in the General’s casting cost, he or she adds a colorless mana instead.
Example: A player whose General is Doran, the Siege Tower can’t add red mana with Spectral Searchlight. If he or she chooses red, he or she gets a colorless mana instead.

Mulligan rule:

* For this tournament, the mulligan rule will be Paris-Normandy:Choose X cards from your hand and put those cards aside. Draw that many cards minus one, then shuffle back the cards set aside into your library.
* Mulligans beyond the first one follow the same rule.

Général Specific rules :

* The General starts the game in the Command Zone. He therefore can’t be chosen with a Living Wish.
* If the General would go in the graveyard, his owner can choose to place him in the Command Zone instead.
If the owner does so, “When a permanent is put into a graveyard” triggered abilities don’t trigger (such as Skullclamp).
* Everytime you play your General from the Command Zone, pay his cost plus 2 colorless for each General counter on him, then put a General counter on him. These counters cannot be removed in any way.
These counters are not put when the General is put into the Commad Zone, but when he’s played.
* The General of a deck gains the “General” supertype. This supertype cannot be removed by any effect, even a copy effect, and doesn’t constitute a copiable value.
If 2 legendary creatures are in play at the same time and both have the “General” supertype, the state based action names the “Legend Rule” doesn’t apply.
Example : If a Clone copies a General, it doesn’t copy the “General » supertype and both creature go to the graveyard.
* A new state based action is created: if a player is dealt during a game at least 21 points of combat damage from a unique General, he or she loses the game.
Example: If a player is dealt 20 damage from his or her opponent’s General and 2 damage from his or her General, he or she doesn’t lose the game.
EDH-specific banned cards :

* Generals (only as a deck’s General):
o Braids, Cabal Minion
o Erayo, soratami Ascendant
o Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary

* Any ante card :
o Amulet of Quoz
o Bronze Tablet
o Contract from Below
o Darkpact
o Demonic Attorney
o Jeweled Bird
o Rebirth
o Tempest Efreet
o Timmerian Fiends

* Any card requiring physical abilities :
o Chaos Orb
o Falling Star

* As well as the following cards:
o Ancestral Recall
o Black Lotus
o Crucible of Worlds
o Dark Depths
o Gifts Ungiven
o Grindstone
o Karakas
o Mana Crypt
o Mind Twist
o Mindslaver
o Mox Emerald
o Mox Jet
o Mox Pearl
o Mox Ruby
o Mox Sapphire
o Necropotence
o Protean Hulk
o Sensei's Divining Top
o Sol Ring
o Staff of Domination
o Sundering Titan
o Time Walk
o Time Vault
o Tinker
o Upheaval
o Yawgmoth's Bargain


BoM 04 Annecy 2010 UNPOWERED, BUDGET, EDH...!!! 23 févr. 2010 News by: Kevin


To be Classifield as an Unpowered player during : Bazaar of Moxen 4 Vintage tournament

You cannot run any piece of Power 9 in your deck, so you can't play Black Lotus, Mox Emerald, Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Timetwister.
If you play one of those, you'll be able to win regular prizes. If you run none of it, you'll be able to win regular prizes AND Unpowered prizes (prizes are cumulatives) 4 days of MTG events, an amazing prize pool, lots of high leveled judges and a beautiful city is the mix we're preparing in order to make you never forget this week end.


To be Classifield as an Budget player during : Bazaar of Moxen 4 Vintage tournament

You cannot run any piece of Power 9 in your deck, so you can't play Black Lotus, Mox Emerald, Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk, Timetwister.
You cannot run any Mana Drain, Bazaar of Baghdad, Mishra's Workshop, Imperial seal, Library of Alexandria and Time Vault
If you run none of it, you'll be able to win regular prizes AND Unpowered prizes AND Budget prizes (prizes are cumulatives)

We let you see everything you need about BoM 4 on this website, if you need any further information, feel free to e-mail us at :