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17-19 April 2015

Expo Krakow Galicyjska 9 31-586 Kraków Poland

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GP Krakow 2015 BoMpts GP KRAKOW 9 abr 2015 News by: Hemgath

We’re happy to reveal new collector BoMpts made for GP KRAKOW.

Splendid and unique artworks by :

Trade them for a lot of gifts !
You can find the prize wall parts of this website.


GP Krakow 2015 Vendors in attendance 23 mar 2015 News by: Kevin

No less than four vendors will be joining us in Krakow to supply you with all the cards and accessories that you need. We'll publish a presentation of each of them over the days!





Cartapapa was born in Montpellier in November 2007 under the impulsion of two deeply involved and passionate players: Nicolas Olivieri et Yannick Bouloc.The shop quickly became the reference for Magic and other TCGs (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Vanguard) in the Southern part of France.
His owners' huge experience in Singles and relentless organization of tournaments allowed the shop to constantly grow, now gathering players of all ages.


Cartapapa then started showing up at European Grand Prix and you've already met us on almost all of the EUropean GPs in the last two years.
Just like all the major Magic actors, Cartaapapa has expanded its activityon Ebay, Amazon or Magiccardmarket. They've also created a partnership with the largest community website in France: Magic-ville.

The team has also grown, two specialized Sales associates having been joining us recently: Jérémie Dulac and Alexis Gallais.
Cartapapa has also recently expanded its activity range to Video games.

For more information, please visit our website:



Cerny Rytir


Cerny Rytir has been the biggest store in the Czech republic since 1999.

We buy, sell and trade all Magic cards including large selection of promos, foil and EDH cards. We try to maintain competitive prices with low spread between buy and sell prices.

You can purchase our cards and other products on Magic Card Market (user Cernyrytir) or at our own website (only available in Czech at the moment).


We will bring complete Standard stock as well as Modern and Legacy staplers including graded P9. 



Magic Bazar


Magic Bazar was founded in 2008 by Raphaël PULEO and Stéphane TICHADOU. Taking advantage of their strong knowledge of the Magic singles market,they developed a website to offer Magic players the largest range of product at the best possible prices
Success was immediate and in 2009, Loïs JACQUET joined the team, bringing a key element to the company: an Organized Play expertise.
Since then, Magic Bazar has focused on developing Organized Play, Sealed product and accessories, the most requested items from their clients. This also prove to be successful and they were able to open two Game Centers, the first one in Paris and the other in Annecy. Today, Magic Bazar is proud to offer the largest range of Magic products in France.
Magic Bazar is currently the largest French company in terms of Magic sales and Organized Play. Its stock, experience and team nowadays allow it to fulfill its client's desires.
The other aspects of its evolution lie in its partnership with Bazaar of Moxen as well as its attendance to European Grand Prix. When facing 1200 players during BoM8, Magic Bazar managed to offer its clients a large enough choice and adequate prices throughout the week-end.
The experience gained at the 9 BoM and the dozen of Grand Prix Magic Bazar has attended make it able to supply its clients with almost every request, from the most recent common to the "rarities": Black Lotus, Summer cards, Proposal, Spledid Genesis.

Find out more on Magic Bazar on their website on




Rush on Games


RushOnGame is the first website for private sales of retro and next gen video games. Rush on Games has recently decided to also offer its clients collectible card games, miniatures and board games.
The concept is easy: After a quick and free registration, members get a weekly email with two to four new thematic offers.
All products are brand new (with a factory seal). After each purchase, the member earns RUSH Points that can be redeemed at the Rushboutique or be used as a voucher on future orders.


And obviously, Rush on Games also has a very wide variety of Magic singles you'll be able to discover in Krakow!










BoM's team.

GP Krakow 2015 GP Krakow Artists in attendance 17 mar 2015 News by: Kevin

Bazaar of Moxen is proud to once again welcome three artists at its GPs.

In Krakow, Tomasz Jedruszek, RK Post and Johannes Voss will be ready to sign your favourite Magic cards.



Tomasz Jedruszek


Tomasz Jedruszek [ Tom-ash] [Yen-drew-sheck] is a Polish illustrator born in 1977.


Inspired as a kind by Grzegorz Rosinski's comics, Frank Frazetta, Milo Manara or Juan Gimenez, he graduaded from Architecture but during the studies he already started working for Polish, British and US RPG publishers.


Right after school he started his professional career as a Freelance Illustrator. Magic:The Gathering is his -dreams comes true- work, but besides that he works for Fantasy Flight Games and games like "Game of Thrones" , "Lord of The Rings" , "Star wars" or "Call of Cthulhu" and other clients to name a few like : Applibot Inc, Sony Online Ent. , White Wolf Publising,  Cryptozoic Ent. , Radical Comics  and Portal Games.


He made few personal achievements like CGsociety Choice Awards -5 times, CGhub gold award -20 times, Spectrum 18-concept art silver award , Ifected by art 2- digital painting gold award, CGsociety challenges : Steam Punk - digital painting winner and B-Movie: Lighting winner. He also has multiple book apearances.


In private life he's a husband and father of two and slowly developing his own graphic novels.



Tomasz's website


Tomasz's Magic cards in Gatherer



RK Post




Details coming soon!



Johannes Voss


Johannes has been working on Magic since Scars of Mirrodin.


Selftaught, he discovered his passion for art when playing Magic with his friends in school. Now, at age 26, he helps create the worlds that inspired him as a teenager.


His work can be found on his Facebook page or on his blog.



Johannes's Magic cards in Gatherer