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17-19 April 2015

Expo Krakow Galicyjska 9 31-586 Kraków Poland

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GP Krakow 2015 Welcome to Krakow 3 mar 2015 News by: Kevin

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After a 9-year hiatus, Grand Prix are coming back to Krakow!

Bazaar of Moxen is proud to welcome you to the southern part of Poland, in this beautiful city conveniently located close to the Czech, Slovak and Ukrainian borders and a few hours away from Germany. It's also easy to reach by plane thanks to its two airports: Krakow (KRK) welcomes most airlines while Katowice (KTW) is the low-cost airport.
Our venue, International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow, can comfortably welcome 1300 players and is located a couple minutes away by public transportation from the City Center.



Register Online

We strongly encourage you to register online prior to the event. Many good reasons for this:

  • You save 10€ by doing so.
  • You're guaranteed to play!
    Indeed, more and more Grand Prix reach their maximum attendance way before the event (Kyoto closed 6 weeks ahead!)
  • No need to queue on site on Friday. You're all set and can focus on winning 2 byes  rather than queuing


Online registration will be open until Thursday, April 16th or until maximum capacity has been reached, which is 1300 players in Krakow.




A Play Mat for everybody


Each player who registered for the Main Event will receive the Grand Prix play mat. The play mats will be distributed during the Saturday morning Seat All Players. We will reveal the art of the play mat on March 13th!



And another for Side Events


We have produced another play mat in a very limited edition that you can get only by playing in our Early Bird Trials and Side Events!



Enhance your experience


We're working hard on making everybody's experience a great one. We know some of you want even more. That's why we're offering two packages with additional benefits:

  • The Sleep-in Special allows you to skip the Seat All Players and to check in individually at our Info Booth to get your gifts. It also comes with 50 BoM points.
  • The VIP Experience is the ultimate way to enjoy the Grand Prix, featuring (amongst other things) access to the Exclusive VIP Lounge, a free 8-player event and 100 BoM points.


Choose your prizes!

Following the great success of our Prize Wall in Strasbourg, we will feature it not only in Krakow but at at all of our 2015 events. The concept is easy:

  • Instead of fixed prizes you may not be thrilled about, you will earn BoM points at ALL Side Events.
    Yes, ALL Side Events: This includes Friday Trials and 8-player tournaments.
  • BoM Points can be converted into the boosters, singles or goodies that YOU like
  • Points can be accumulated through the week-end
    You don't need to choose a prize immediately. You can keep them throughout the whole week-end to be eligible to even better prizes.
  • Team with your friends
    You can combine your BoM points to get better prizes.

Check our selection of top singles and exclusive goodies in our Prize Wall section


We're looking forward to welcoming you in Krakow for an awesome event!

BoM's staff.