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17-19 April 2015

Expo Krakow Galicyjska 9 31-586 Kraków Poland

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GP Krakow 2015 The Sleep-in Special 6 feb 2015 News by: Kevin

Sleep more to win more


A great night of sleep is important before a Grand Prix. So why bother with an early alarm and risk making a lethal mistake in that decisive round 8 or 9?

That’s why we’ve designed the Sleep-in Special, which allows you to skip the Seat All Players.


Instead, you will be allowed to go directly to a dedicated booth to be taken care of individually: Our staff will make you sign the mandatory Media Consent Form and will give you your gifts:

  • Exclusive Promo FOIL Griselbrand
  • Exclusive GP Krakow Play Mat
  • 50 BoM Points

Check in whenever you feel like! There is only one requirement: You must be ready by the moment the first round you need to play starts!



A glance on timings


Seat All Players will be posted at 8:55 and Players’ Meeting will start at 9:00. We therefore expect Round 1 to start at 09:30, Round 2 approximately at 10:45, Round 3 approximately at 12:00 and Round 4 approximately at 13:15.

  • If you have 1 bye, you can arrive at 10:30 at the latest
  • If you have 2 byes, you can arrive at 11:45 at the latest
  • If you have 3 byes, you can arrive at 13:00 at the latest


All the advantages our Sleep-in Special provide cost a mere 20€ extra. So treat yourself and maximize your chances to draft with the cream of the crop on Day 2.



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