Paris 2014 Feedback on GP Paris, Registration, Black Lotus and more 9 abr 2014 News by: Kevin





91% of you did register online for GP Paris. That's awesome and this greatly contributed to the event's overall quality! We know you love tournaments starting on time and finishing on time, and can't thank you enough for helping us doing it!


That's why we would like to thank the numerous players who have already registered for BoM9.

Unfortunately, we've just learnt we need to order tables and chairs earlier than last year. Therefore, we need some more visibility and have taken the decision to advance the deadline to benefit from the discounted rate by one week, so that we can welcome you in the best possible conditions.

The new deadline to benefit from the lowest rate is now Sunday, April 20th!



Also, upon your request, we have opened the two Duel Commander events for online registration!




Then, we would like to introduce you to our Modern top prize:

A Beta Black Lotus (grading EX)




Your feedback on GP Paris


We would like to thank the nearly 200 of you who took time to give us feedback after GP Paris. We value your opinion a lot since they allow us to offer you the best experience at our tournaments.



The Venue


First, 93% of you loved the venue. That was our feeling as well. Some of you asked why we aren't running BoM there. We can simply answer this question: Costs. They're not even close to BoM8 venue's, and without WotC's precious support, we would not even be able to consider Les Docks as a potential venue for running an event.

Note that even with Wizards's support, it's nearly impossible for us to go inside Paris, where most venues cost more than 100.000€ for a week-end (yes, one hundred thousand euros) or are booked more than 2 years ahead. 


We've also heard about your requests for finding taxis more easily. This is something we have already started working on for BoM9 and will surely do at our next events, no matter where they are.



The Tournaments


98% of you were satisfied with the tournaments, which is awesome. We're glad you enjoyed the week-end that much!

A few of you mention that some Trials were very slow to start. Trust us, from our point of view, it felt really fast, since we started eleven Trials in the first hour.

Unfortunately, we can fancy some of you may have been in line for about 45 minutes at that moment.

We can't think at the moment of a better system than the one we currently use but we can definitely improve it a bit, for instance by giving goodies at the table instead of registration.

We'll go on looking for solutions but would like to ask you a favor: Prepare your money and DCI# when queuing: Indeed, when you do not have the money in your hand nor your DCI number ready to be typed in and you need to look in your wallet/cellphone, you're delaying the queue by 30s/1mn, which is a lot.


Still about the Trials, there was disappointment that Infinite Trials weren't available onsite. That's on us, and we've made it very clear for BoM9 that it's an online purchase only.





Most venues do not offer two internet connections. And we need to keep an as large bandwidth as possible for the online coverage. Therefore, giving you access to the wifi is not an option. Note that we ask each and every time how we can do something.

Someone suggested that we put online pairings on a local network, which we can set up with any Wifi device. That would not be quite internet, but you would not need to queue to look up your pairings. We'll work mainly in that direction, but we'll go on asking venues in case they'd have a way to give all of you internet access without damaging online coverage.



The VIP Experience


This has been overall greatly appreciated.

The only hiccup was you'd have preferred having the lounge closer to the VIP tables. That's something we'll definitely pay attention when crafting the Floor plan at our future events!

Paris 2014 GP PARIS WINNER 16 feb 2014 News by: Hemgath

GP PARIS ad a winner !

Javier Dominguez with BUG



GP PARIS MTG winner javier dominguez 

Paris 2014 Final count on Registration 14 feb 2014 News by: Kevin



The final count for online registration is 1438 players.

We'd like to thank all of those who helped us foreseeing to prepare this event as best as possible.

We'd like to remind you that the GP may reach its maximum size so if you're to come on site tomorrow, we encourage you to come early afternoon (registration opens at 14:00).


Also, it seems that GPS have hard times with the nevertheless official address of the venue. Please check the google map we made to help you apprehend better the neighbourhood.