GP Strasbourg 2014 More of a Constructed player? 29 Oct 2014 News by: Kevin


We'll organize many Constructed events over the week-end. Here are the timings for each tournament each day:




Legacy starts at 13:00

Modern starts at 13:30

Duel Commander starts at 14:00





Legacy starts at 12:00

Modern starts at 13:00

Duel Commander starts at 14:00





Legacy starts at 10:30

Modern starts at 11:00

Duel Commander starts at 11:30

Vintage starts at 12:00



Entry fee will be 25€, they'll be 6 Swiss-rounds long and their prizes are as follows:

  • 18 points: 1500 BoM Points
  • 16 points: 900 BoM Points
  • 15 points: 300 BoM Points
  • 14 points: 225 BoM Points
  • 13 points: 150 BoM Points


What does that mean?


Well, 300 BoM points is a Sealed Box of Khans of Tarkir.

1500 is more than 2 WB Volcanic Islands Near Mint, or more than 2 Tarmogoyfs.


Check what we'll have in stock! And don't forget you can accumulate your BoM Points to go bigger!




The Constructed Lovers Special!


We love your feedback. It’s what makes us improve. One of you wondered why we were restricting our Lovers Specials Packs to a single format, as it was also excluding Vintage from the loop. It’s very fair that you might want to enjoy different formats all over the week-end.


Hence we’ve decided to modify our offer to give you more flexibility. We’ve merged all the Lovers Specials into a single one. Additionally, we’ve felt that if you’re coming to GP Strasbourg, you should be able to get a copy of the play mat.


Here’s the detail of this brand new offer:

  • Play in part or all of our Scheduled Constructed events: Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Duel Commander
  • Secure our awesome GP Strasbourg Playmat!
  • For only 75€


So don't wait anymore and register now to join us at an awesome GP Strasbourg!



BoM's staff.