BoM 08 Paris 2013 Thank you for your feedback — BoM Videos available 12 Nov 2013 News by: Kevin


Dear Players,


We would like to thank you for the numerous feedback we've received about BoM8 thanks to this form.

We are pleased to read that an overwhelming majority of you has spent a great week-end and that BoM8 has been a success. Reading this encourages us to go on working on making BoM a better event.

We have of course noticed the few things you'd like us to work on:

  • Playing on the junction of two tables
  • The amount of space available

Playing on the junction of two tables

We believe you all know that Paris is way more expensive than the rest of the country.

As Tournament Organizers, our priority is to be able to welcome you all at BoM. Carefully crafting the Floor plan is therefore required to make that possible. We've kept a running option on the extra room to create more space throughout the week-end. We've used it on Saturday, since our budget allowed it.
Nevertheless, we have noted down your remarks and will do our best to give you more space in our upcoming events.

The amount of space available

Our tables were 2.20m long, and have welcome 3.5 players per table, which is 63cm per player. We believe this is very reasonable to play Magic

We have tried to understand what happened. Many of you pointed out that playing next to a player who was using a playmat meant their play area was drastically reduced.
Well, that's understandable as a playmat is 60cm wide and, if deckboxes and other stuff is stored not ON but NEXT TO the playmat, that is very likely to eat a neighbour's space.

We will ask in the future to players using a playmat to not store their items outside of the playmat. We also encourage you to ask your neighbours for space optimization.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to give us your impressions and be certain that we will go on working on improving the global quality of our events to make them always better.

See you at Grand Prix Paris and BoM9!

Finally, BoM8 videos have been uploaded and decklists are available on MTGTop8

BoM's staff.