BoM 08 Paris 2013 Thank you for making BoM8 a success and see you at Grand Prix Paris! 4 Nov 2013 News by: Kevin

Dear players,

We hope you've had a safe trip back from BoM8. We also hope you've spent an as awesome week-end as we did.
We are obviously grateful to each and every of you who came to play, sometimes crossing the Earth to join us, but we would especially like to thank:

  • The 356 players who competed in the PTQ, which sets a new record of attendance for a PTQ in France.
  • The 692 players who played in the Legacy Main Event.
  • Our team of 40 judges and 15 staff members who ran BoM8 throughout the week-end.
  • Raphael Levy and Tolki, for making those who could not attend nevertheless enjoy BoM.

Congratulations to our Main Event winners:

  • Quentin Leroy — PTQ Valencia
  • Julian Knab — Legacy Main Event
  • Michael Bonde — Vintage Main Event
  • Hugo Lamour — Modern Main Event
  • Olivier Levitt — Sealed Deck Main Event

And also to :

  • Etienne Lourdin — Saturday's Duel Commander
  • Hanghao Hu — Sunday's Duel Commander
  • Pierre Sommen — Legacy French Cup
  • Antoine Marchand, Emilien Pichereau and Sébastien Fourreau — Team Trios

We want your opinion

We have already learnt a lot based on the feedback we've received on site.

Since we want to go on improving at each and every of our events, we have created a Google Form so that you easily let us know how your BoM8 experience has been.

BoM8 in the books, Long live GP Paris.

So, that's it for BoM8. See you at our next event, which will not be BoM9 but

Grand Prix Paris

GP Paris will take place on 14-16th February. Details are coming soon!

GP Paris TOs

BoM fans, don't worry, we will run a BoM9 in Annecy, on 1-4 May. Details will be live early next year.

Once again, we can't thank you enough for your fidelity. So see you in Paris for another exceptional week-end for Legacy players, but not only!

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BoM's staff.