BoM 08 Paris 2013 Events' Head Judges presentation 18 Sep 2013 News by: Kevin


We're proud to present the Head Judges of our Main Events during BoM8:



The last 3-bye Legacy: Kim Warren, L3, United Kingdom

PTQ Born of the Gods: Frank Wareman, L3 The Netherlands

Legacy French Cup: Antoine Bouaziz, L3, France



Legacy Main Event: Jurgen Baert, L4, Belgium and Matteo Callegari, L3, Italy

Bazaar of Moxen Sealed: Alexis Rassel, L3, France



Vintage Main Event: Matteo Callegari, L3, Italy

Modern Main Event: Pierre Laquerre, L3, France

Team Trios Sealed: Jasper Overman, L3, The Netherlands

Duel Commander: Claire Dupré, L3, France 


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