BoMTour 2016 Final 2016 * The 6 BOM Stages 17 Dec 2015 News by: Hemgath

The BoM events:

The BoMs are Open tournament. This means that they are open to ALL players.
The BoMs take place during 3-day weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) all around europe. For 2016, there will be 6 BoM tournaments: Madrid, Annecy, Strasbourg, London, Paris, and Brussels.
Each BoM stage functions with the same prize distribution and tournament schedule.

The BOM schedule:


  • Four big tournaments called Main Events:

-> 1 in Legacy & 1 in Standard on Saturday.
-> 1 in Modern & 1 in Sealed on Sunday.

  • Trials
  • Many side events in all formats you can imagine, with a few surprises to be announced soon

Players who reach the Top 4 (semifinals) of a Main Event will earn a slot for the BOM Finals 2016 of the corresponding format in addition to their prizes.

For example, a players who reaches the final of a Modern Main Event will be qualified for the Modern Final.


The Prize Pool:




In addition to prizes, each Main Event will award the Top 4 Players an invitation to the BOM Finals 2016 of the corresponding format.



The Mana Points system


To reward regularity throughout the European BOM Tour, we are introducing a system that awards slots at the BOM Finals 2016


By registering for BOM Events and achieving good results, you will earn colored Mana Points, depending on the format you play.


Each player will have 4 Mana Points totals:

- Blue for Standard

- Black for Modern

- Red for Legacy

- Green for Sealed


At the end of the season, players with 680 points or more of a given color will be awarded a slot at the Final of the corresponding format. For example, a player who has 500 Blue Mana Points and 1 200 Red Mana Points will only qualify for the Legacy Final.

This will give players who post great finishes but missed the Top 4 a chance to compete among the best.


The Mana Points will be distributed as follows:


  • Registering for a Last Chance Trial: 10 Mana Points of the format’s color
  • Registering for a Main Event: 50 Mana Points of the format’s color
  • Quarter-finalist at a Main Event: 450 additional Mana Points of the format’s color
  • 9-16th at a Main Event: 250 additional Mana Points of the format’s color
  • 17-32nd at a Main Event: 150 additional Mana Points of the format’s color