BoMTour 2016 Final 2016 --- BOM: Trials & Byes --- 16 Dec 2015 News by: Hemgath


Byes are « automatic wins » that allow you to start a Main Event with 1 or 2 wins!

There are 4 ways to earn byes for a BOM stage Main Events:


1 – Trials:

These tournaments will be organised by local game stores all around Europe.

In each Trial, the winner will earn 2 byes, and the finalist will get 1 bye.

Each tournament will award byes for the format in which the Trial was played.

If you are interested in having a BOM Trial at your local game store, feel free to ask your store owner to contact the BOM Team through this form.

Please note that byes earned through Trials are not transferable (for example, a BOM Madrid Trial will only award byes for BOM Madrid)


You can check on our website is there is BOM Trial you want to play:

Trials for the BOM Madrid
Trials for the BOM Annecy
Trials for the BOM Strasbourg
Trials for the BOM Londres
Trials for the BOM Paris

Trials for the BOM Bruxelles



2 – Last Chance Trials:

During each BOM stage, we will organise on-site Trials.

On Friday, Last Chance Trials for the Saturday and Sunday Main Events

On Saturday, Last Chance Trials for the Sunday Main Event

On Sunday, Last Chance Trials for the next BOM week-end

The Last Chance Trials will be played in Swiss rounds, without a cut to Top 8. After the rounds, each player with an X-0 record will get 2 byes, and each player with an X-1 record will get 1 bye. The number of rounds in each Last Chance Trial will be based on the number of players.


3 – Pro Players:

Platinum and Gold Pro Players get 2 byes for each European BOM Tour Main Event.

Silver Pro Players get 1 bye for each European BOM Tour Main Event.

Please note that in order to get their byes, players must bring proof of their Pro Player status when registering for a Main Event.


4 – Hall Of Fame:

Members of the Magic Pro Tour Hall Of Fame get 2 byes for each European BOM Tour Main Event.