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BoM Final Qualifiers (BFQ) are tournaments that give players an extra opportunity to qualify for the BoM Finals, in addition to the BoM Main Events and the Mana Points system.

Indeed, each BFQ will award the winner a slot at the BoM Finals 2016, in the format in which the BFQ was held.



So as to maintain the greatest level of organization, BFQs will only be run by Organizers owning a Brick and Mortar Store with WPN level Advanced or Advanced Plus.

Each organizer can run a maximum of 1 BFQ per format.



Here are the preliminary conditions to request organization of a BFQ:

  • Having organized 4 BoM Trials in a given format, none having been cancelled OR;
  • Having been a vendor at a 2016 BoM event

Please note that neither the TO nor the judge may play in the Final Qualifier. If that happens, the Final Qualifier will be automatically invalidated by Wizards of the Coast and qualification will be cancelled.
Note that if the TO is affiliated to a store, that store's TO can not play in the Final Qualifier either.


If you meet these criteria, you can fill this Google Form:






Finally, if you plan on running a very special tournament and you would like it to be a BoM Finals Qualifier, create a description of your tournament and why you believe it should be a BFQ and contact the BOM team at


BoM's Team.