BoM points as Side Event prizes 13 mar 2015 News by: Kevin


For GP Strasbourg, we are experiencing a brand new way to give out prizes.


You will earn BoM points at ALL Side Events.

Yes, ALL Side Events: This includes Friday Trials and 8-player tournaments.



BoM Points can be converted into boosters or items from our selection of top singles and exclusive goodies.


Points can be accumulated through the week-end

You don't need to choose a prize immediately. You can keep them through the whole week-end to be eligible to better prizes.



Team with your friends

You can combine your BoM points to get better prizes.

How nice would it be that five of you share a ComicCon "Black" Planeswalkers Set?

Or that, instead of 30 individual boosters, you have a filmed brand new box of product?

Or maybe a whole case of product?


And if you have remaining BoM points at the end of the week-end, don't worry. We'll exchange all your remaining points for boosters until Sunday evening!



Here's a provisional list of the items you can win during GP Strasbourg:







Booster Pack 10
100 BoM Sleeves 30
Shockland 50
  BoM Deck Box + 100 BoM sleeves    50

Funko Pop! Mini

  GP Strasbourg 2014 playmat 80
 GP Paris 2014 playmat 90
PR Promo Emrakul 120
Promo Garruk Axe 150

From The Vault: Annihilation

Duel Deck: Knights VS Dragons 250
  Jace, the Mind Sculptor (FTV foil) 250
Island Unhinged FOIL 250
Radiant Archangel FOIL 250
Sneak Attack Judge Gift


  Noble Hierarch Judge Gift 250
Badlands WB NM 250
Scrubland WB NM 250
Force of Will 300
Booster Box 300
Show and Tell Judge Gift 300
Abrup Decay FOIL 350
Savannah WB NM 350
Taiga WB NM 350
Liliana of the Veil 400
Jace Coin 450
Bayou WB NM 500
Tundra WB NM 650
Tropical Island WB NM 650
Tarmogoyf 650
Volcanic Island WB NM 750
Underground Sea WB NM 1000
Mox Opal Japanese FOIL 1500
Booster Case 1700
  ComicCon Planeswalker Set 2014 2500
  ComicCon Planeswalker Set 2013 3000
Modern Masters Full set 3000
Mishra's Workshop NM 2000
  Umezawa's Jitte Japanese FOIL  9000
Black Lotus Unlimited Played 12000



Excited? Then join us at GP Strasbourg for an awesome week-end and register NOW!


BoM's staff.