BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Détails PTQ Paris 20 may 2014 News by: Stephane





On June 15th, 2014, Magic Bazar will be holding a Pro Tour Qualifier for Honolulu. Its winner will receive invitation and flight to PT Honolulu (10-12 October 2014).
Format will be Modern and we'll use Nanterre's venue, the one we had been using for BoM8

Here are the tournament details:



Espace Chevreul
97 - 109 Avenue de la Liberté
92000 Nanterre
RER : Nanterre Préfécture



- 20€ online (Online registration will close Friday, June 13th)
Link towards registration

- 25€ on site


Date and times:

Date: Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Doors open at : 8h00
Registration closes at: 9h00
Tournament starts at: 9h05


Tournament Structure:

Swiss rounds (number based on attendance) + TOP 8







1 Exclusive PTQ Honolulu Top8 Playmat for each player in the top8


#1 : Invitation and flight ticket for Pro Tour Honolulu

#2 : 2 Journey into Nyx displays

#3 : 1 Journey into Nyx display

#4 : 1 Journey into Nyx display

#5 : 18 Journey into Nyx boosters

#6 : 18 Journey into Nyx boosters

#7 : 18 Journey into Nyx boosters
#8 : 18 Journey into Nyx boosters


Head Judge:

Claire Dupré, level 3



Stéphane TICHADOU :

BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Trials, Byes, Sleep-in Special, BoM10 2 abr 2014 News by: Kevin


BoM9 Trials


First, we would like to warmly thank the numerous TOs who are organizing Trials for BoM9.

To make it more convenient to find a Trial near you, we've put all the Trials for BoM9 that have been and are to be organized on a Google Maps:


This map is updated regularly and we plan on keeping it updated for each and every BoM that'll happen from now on.



Byes at BoM9


We've noticed that players Top8ing a BoM were not granted byes for the next Edition. For BoM9, Legacy and Vintage Top4 players from BoM8 (in Paris) will be granted two byes for the Main Event in the same format. Top8 players will get one.



Last Chance Trials



Thursday, May 1st will be the last day for you to earn byes for BoM9 Legacy Main Event.

Please remember that the Infinite Trials package is only available online. We still have some left but don't expect to be able to subscribe to it on site!



We're also pleased to announce that players in the first 6 Trials will each receive a Bazaar of Moxen deck box !



Finally, all Trial Winners will get free Sleep-in Special in the Legacy Main Event.





Sleep-in Special


That's it, we're now offering Sleep-in Special at BoM. On top of being allowed to skip the Seat All Players, we'll also provide you breakfast to start the day in the best possible way!

The cost for Sleep-in Special is still the same: 15€ and you can subscribe to it here





We've been asked the question many times. There will not be a BoM in Paris this year. The main reason is that bank holidays just don't fit a possible 3-day event Another factor is that you were not thrilled by the location nor by the venue. Unfortunately, this is the only venue that we can afford in Paris so we have to discontinue BoM in Paris.


BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Coming to the Venue and Accomodation 26 mar 2014 News by: Kevin


BoM’s 9th Edition will still be held in Annecy. After the praises we've received last year about the venue, we've decided to go there again to comfortably welcome up to 800 players. Its address:

Complexe d'animation
2000, route d'Albertville


Sevrier is literally touching Annecy. There is public transportation to and from the venue. Here's a Google map of the area:

More information :


Coming by plane:

There are two major airports around Annecy: Geneva and Lyon. You may also land in Paris and take the TGV to Annecy.

Landing in Geneva

Taking a regular taxi to Sevrier from Geneva airport is about 120€ (day) or 160€ (night)

We have negotiated a special rate for you with our taxi partners: 95€ (day) / 120€ (night). They're convenient and can welcome up to 5 players and their baggages. This offer is only valid from Geneva.

To book an appointment and benefit from this offer, contact Manu by email at:

If you're travelling alone, there are coaches for 10.50€ one-way running from 05:50 in the morning to 21:00 in the evening. Details are available on

Landing in Lyon

Taking a taxi from Lyon airport is about 220€ (no typo here)

However, there are much more affordable coaches (36€ one-way) running from 09:00 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening. Details are available on

Landing in Paris

From Paris, you'll need to take a train to Annecy. Booking can be done on


Coming by train:

Annecy has a TGV station with regular train service from/to Paris.


Reaching the venue from Annecy:

Once you are in Annecy, you can take either line 51 or line 52 to reach the venue. It's a 10-minute bus trip. Timetable can be found here:

A taxi from Annecy to Sevrier is about 20€. If you book with our taxi partners, you can benefit from a special rate of 15€.



We've been recommended a reasonably priced hotel near the venue:



20 Chemin des Aires


This one's slightly further, but still walking distance. A double room is 63€. More details on



Please note that we are providing this information for your convenience and we cannot be held responsible for anything happening in your relationship to these hotels.



BoM 09 Annecy 2014 List of BoM9 Trials 19 mar 2014 News by: Guillaume


Here is the full list of the tournaments that offer Byes for BoM9 (May, 1st-May 4th in Annecy)


To allow you to double check the number of byes you have, we'll report the names of the Trial winners here. We expect Tournament Organizers (TO) to report us tournaments results within one week. If your name doesn't appear on this list one week after the event, please follow this procedure:

  • Contact your TO first to make sure he has sent us the Trial results. If he does not send us the results, we cannot process anything.
  • If your TO indicates he sent the results, ask him to get in touch with us at

Note that, for byes to be granted, the tournament must have been successfully reported using Wizards Event Reporter. We cannot be held responsible if the tournament has not been reported to or invalidated by Wizards of the Coast. In such a case, we unfortunately cannot do anything and you'll need to have a discussion with your TO.


Located a BoM9 trials : Click here



Legacy Trials:



Date Shop Place Contact
4/9/2014 Dragon's Lair  Aarhus (Denmark)
4/12/2014 Magic Frag Marseille Marseille (France)
4/12/2014 Zwergenschmiede Bern (Swizerland)
4/12/2014 EVOLUTION STORE SEVILLA (Spain) Sevilla (Spain)
4/12/2014 D6 Hobby Games Vilnius (Lithuania)
4/13/2014 Gamers World.  Dublin (Ireland)
4/13/2014 Outpost Bruxelles Bruxelles (Belgium)
4/13/2014 Cosansò Roma (Italy)
4/13/2014 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas  (Spain)
4/13/2014 Caos A.D. Savona Vado Ligure (SV) (Italy)
4/13/2014 GameLord Lodz (Poland)
4/13/2014 Bazaar of Magic Amstelveen (Netherland)
4/13/2014 Eron's Entertainment Store  Utrecht (Netherland)
4/18/2014 Cybergames 08 Charleville-Mézières (France)
4/19/2014 Power Nine Clermont-Ferrand (France)
4/19/2014 Bazinga! Mol (Belgium)
4/19/2014 Le Grand Cercle Pontoise (France) 
4/19/2014 La règle du jeu Tours (France)
4/19/2014 Strefa MtG Warsaw (Poland)
4/19/2014 Magic Bazar Annecy (France)  
4/19/2014 Troc N' Troll / Game Cash  Nantes (France)
4/20/2014 Outpost Gamecenter Antwerpen (Belgium) 
4/20/2014 Gargula Templo de Jogos Odivelas (Portugal)
4/20/2014 Playoteket Center Lund Lund (Sweden)
4/20/2014 The Games Shop Aldershot (England)
4/20/2014 Spellbound Games Glasgow (Scotland)
4/26/2014 inGenio Barcelona (Spain)


Vintage Trials


Date Shop Place Contact
4/12/2014 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas  (Spain)
4/13/2014 Gameforce Eindhoven (Scotland)
4/13/2014 Zwergenschmiede Bern (Swizerland)
4/13/2014 EVOLUTION STORE SEVILLA (Spain) Sevilla (Spain)
4/13/2014 Eron's Entertainment Store  Utrecht (Netherland)
4/13/2014 Cards Kingdom Paternò (Italy)
4/19/2014 Outpost Bruxelles Bruxelles (Belgium)
4/19/2014 Joutes et Jeux Grenoble (France)

Modern Trials



Date Shop Place Contact
4/12/2014 Gamers World Dublin (Ireland)
4/12/2014 Cybergames 08 Charleville-Mézières (France)
4/13/2014 Zwergenschmiede Bern (Swizerland)
4/15/2014 Joute et jeux Grenoble (France)
4/19/2014 Magic Frag Marseille Marseille (France)
4/19/2014 Eron's Entertainment Store  geldermalsen (Netherland)




If you'd like to organize a trial, please click here!

BoM 09 Annecy 2014 BoM9 Main changes 11 mar 2014 News by: superadmin

The Modern Main Event


When we've asked for your feedback after BoM8, many of you indicated they were pleased we introduced a Modern tournament at BoM.

At the same time, and after the hint we'd had at GP Antwerp (1600 players), the Modern format is clearly on an ascending slope, as proven by the attendances at GP Prague (1500 players) and the astonishing GP Richmond (more than 4300 players).


We've therefore made the decision to promote this format and that's why we've made the decision to set as its top prize a Beta Black Lotus!

[Please note that due to unfortunate circumstances, we have replaced the Alpha Black Lotus by a Beta Black Lotus, since the seller cancelled our purchase. We're nevertheless happy to let you know that the condition of the Beta Black Lotus we have is much better than the Alpha one]




The Legacy Main Event held on a bit more than one day


Another recurring feedback after BoM8 showed a regret that, when you were making Day2, you could not take part into the Vintage Main Event or the Modern tournament, while many would have liked to play one of these in addition to the Legacy Main Event.

However, we certainly did not want to go back to a system where you were playing Marathon: The Gathering, with a finals happening at 03:00 in the morning.

This is the system we've been coming with:

  • Depending on attendance, 9 or 10 Swiss rounds will be played on Friday.
  • The single-elimination Top (8 or 16, depending on attendance) will be played on Saturday morning at 08:30, after a resting night of sleep. Players competing on Saturday morning will receive up to 2 byes to allow them to join the Modern Main Event or the Legacy tournament.


Gradual Entry fees


We believe our BoM8 innovation of creating different entry fees to encourage you to register in advance so that we could plan ahead of time was a good idea and will therefore run that system again.

Some of you mentioned that the time frames were suboptimal, and the supportive arguments raised made sense. We have tkneThis time, here is the structure we'll use:


  • Until Sunday, April 27th, online registration will allow you to save 10€ on the Entry Fee. As usual, we want to incentivize and reward those who commit to the event and help us preparing it as best as possible.
  • In the last 3 days leading to BoM9 (until Wednesday evening), you will still be able to register online with a 5€ discount.
  • Same goes to on-site registration until the day before the event you want to compete in. Indeed, we want to encourage you to register before the actual morning of the event. We know you all love timely events with as little delay as possible and want to reward those who help us doing that.
  • Finally, those who will choose to come in the morning of the event will be charged with the full Entry Fee.


90% of the players did register online for GP Paris. We hope to see an even higher number for BoM9. We believe we are offering a structure that creates a win-win exchange where we can plan more and you pay less! These two elements lead to the exact same conclusion: Everybody will spend an even more awesome week-end!



Details on the Main Events can be found right below. (or here!)

BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Description of the Main Events 10 mar 2014 News by: superadmin

PTQ Portland


Thursday May 1st — Winner flies to Portland and 1 box guaranteed to top16!





[ONLINE] Until Sunday, April, 20th: 35€

[ONLINE] Until Wednesday, April 30th: 40€

On Thursday morning (08:30-09:15): 45€



Tournament starts at 09:30


Format : Theros Block Sealed Deck. 3 Theros Boosters, 3 Born of the Gods Boosters (see notes)

Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds + Single-elimination Top8


Prizes (Born of the Gods or Journey into Nyx boosters)

  • Winner: Invitation and Airfare to PT Portland (1-3 August 2014) + 1 display
  • Finalist: 3 displays
  • 3-4 : 2 displays
  • 5-8: 1.5 displays
  • 9-16: 1 display
  • 17-32: 12 boosters

Important Note: Journey into Nyx being released on Friday, May 2nd, the set is not tournament legal for this PTQ. However, we will happily distribute Journey into Nyx product as prizes, but in compliance with Wizards regulations, they can only be collected from Friday onwards.



Legacy Main Event


Friday, May 2nd — Win our awesome BB Power9!





[ONLINE] Until Sunday, April, 20th: 40€

[ONLINE] Until Wednesday, April 30th: 45€ 

Until Thursday evening: 45€

On Friday morning: 50€



On-site registration opens at 08:30

Tournament starts at 09:30


Format : Legacy.

Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds + Top 8/16 (see notes)



  • Winner: A Full BB Power 9 (the 9 different pieces)
  • Finalist: A Full WB Power 9 (the 9 different pieces)
  • 3-4 : 4 BB Underground Sea
  • 5-8: The 10 different WB Duallands
  • 9-16: 1 BB Underground Sea
  • 17-20: 1 WB Underground Sea
  • 21-24: 1 WB Tundra
  • 25-28: 1 WB Volcanic Island
  • 29-32: 1 WB Tropical Island

Important note: 10 Swiss rounds will be played on Friday. Top8 or Top16 (depending on the number of players) will be played on Saturday morning at 08:30. Top8/16 competitors will receive byes for the Modern Main Event based on their performance.




Modern Main Event


Saturday, May 3rd — A Beta Black Lotus at stake!





[ONLINE] Until Sunday, April, 20th: 40€

[ONLINE] Until Wednesday, April 30th: 45€ 

Until Friday evening: 45€

On Saturday morning: 50€




On-site registration opens at 08:30

Tournament starts at 09:30


Format : Modern.

Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds + Top 8



  • Winner: A Beta Black Lotus
  • Finalist: Playsets of the 10 different fetchlands (40 fetchlands in total)
  • 3-4 : The 10 different WB Duallands
  • 5-8: A playset of FOIL Arid Mesa or Marsh Flats
  • 9-16: 1 Misty Rainforest or Scalding Tarn
  • 17-32: 3 Modern Masters Boosters



Vintage Main Event


Sunday, May 4th — Time to play with the oldies




[ONLINE] Until Sunday, April, 20th: 40€

[ONLINE] Until Wednesday, April 30th: 45€ 

Until Saturday evening: 45€ 

On Sunday morning: 50€




On-site registration opens at 08:30

Tournament starts at 09:30


Format : Vintage.

Tournament Structure: Swiss Rounds + Top 8



  • Winner: The 5 different WB Moxen
  • Finalist: 1 WB Black Lotus
  • 3-4 : 1 BB Underground Sea
  • 5-8: 1 Bazaar of Baghdad
  • 9-16: 1 WB Blue Dualland
  • 17-32: 1 Italian Mana Drain


BoM 09 Annecy 2014 The first pieces of BoM9 schedule! 6 mar 2014 News by: Kevin


First, thank you all for joining us at GP Paris. We believe you've had a blast there and we're excited to welcome you to BoM9, which we will hold in Annecy in about two months, from Thursday, May 1st to Sunday, May 4th!


The venue is the same as last year:

Complexe d'animation

2000, route d'Albertville

74320 Sevrier





A new Main Event


As usual, we're doing our best to innovate so as to offer you an always better experience playing Magic!


Following this trend, we've crafted a brand new Main Event for BoM9! Its format is Modern and we'll be delighted to offer the winner no less than an Alpha Black Lotus.




One Main Event each day!


Adding Modern will allow us to run one Main Event each day!

  • Thursday will feature a Sealed PTQ.
  • The Legacy Main Event will be on Friday.
  • We've decided to place the Modern Main Event on Saturday.
  • And as usual, the Vintage Main Event will take place on Sunday.
  • Finally, we'll hold two Duel Commander events on Saturday and Sunday.



Your favorite format each day!


We've asked for your feedback after BoM8. Amongst the many useful feedback you've provided, we've noticed that many of you expressed desire to play their favorite format all week-end.

We've listened to you and will therefore hold one tournament in each of the following formats each day: Legacy, Vintage, Modern and Limited.


We can already announce that Legacy, Modern and Vintage Side Events will all be trials for either BoM9 or BoM10's corresponding Main Event (depending on the day they take place).


Details will soon be available on our Side Event schedule page!



Legacy Last Chance Trials


Considering the success Last Chance Trials have been at GP Paris, we have chosen to offer something similar for BoM9.

Thursday Trials will be 32-player single-elimination events. Entry fee is 15€ and each trial has a global prize pool of 2 boosters per player. Winner will earn 2 byes for the Legacy Main Event, Finalist will get 1 bye.


We will offer you again the Infinite Trials Package. For 40€, you'll be able to play all day-long, from 10:00 to 03:00 (Last trial will fire at 22:00). It will be available online only and limited to 128 packages.

BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Informations about BoM9 17 ene 2014 News by: Kevin

Grand Prix Paris will start in exactly 4 weeks!


600 players have registered online so far (66 of which are VIPs), which is great. Thank you all for registering so swiftly!


We'd like to remind you that the venue restrictions will not allow us to welcome more than 2000 players in the room so don't forget to register online to secure your seat and save 5€!


Please do us a favour an register online as early as you can. This way, we may be able to find solutions to welcome everybody if more than 2000 players wanted to attend.



Some info about BoM9!


BoM9 will be held in Annecy between May, 1st and May, 4th.


The venue will be the same as last year:

2000 route d'Albertville,



We are happy to be already able to confirm we will host a Sealed Deck PTQ and our traditional Legacy and Vintage Main Events. We will craft the exact schedule of what already promises to be an awesome week-end after GP Paris.



Like us on Facebook to not miss any info about the GP or BoM9!


BoM's staff.

BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Organizing a BoM Trial 24 dic 2013 News by: Kevin

Dear tournament organizer,

Once again, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to organize a Trial for Bazaar of Moxen inside your shop.
BoM9 will take place in Annecy from May 1st to May 4th 2014.

We are convinced that organizing Trials for BoM9 is a great opportunity for you to attract new players to your shop, no matter which format they prefer.




A Trial is a Magic tournament with special prizes. The winners gain "byes" for a specific tournament.
A player with X byes doesn't need to play the X first rounds of a tournament and is considered as having won them automatically.




Trials may only be organized by WPN TOs or independent TOs affiliated to a WPN TO.
Trials may be organized from Saturday 4 January 2014 to Sunday 20 April 2014.


Each TO may organize up to ONE trial in each of the following formats:
- Legacy
- Vintage
- Modern

Trials grant byes for the Main Event of the corresponding format. Players do not get to choose which tournament they get byes for.


Each validated BoM Trial will offer 2 byes to the winner and 1 bye to the finalist.
Byes are not cumulative. (Winning one bye twice does NOT result in having two byes)


Considering the importance of having byes in a given tournament, BoM trials are serious tournament that MUST be run at Competitive REL and Head Judged by a Certified Magic Judge (level 1 or higher). The name of the judge should be entered in WER.
Failure to comply to these requirements may result in the invalidation of your trial and cancellation of the byes.

Warning: Neither the TO nor the judge may play in the Trial. If that happens, the Trial will be automatically invalidated by Wizards of the Coast and byes will be cancelled.
Note that if the TO is affiliated to a shop, that shop's TO cannot play in the Trial either.


In order to make the process for sanctioning your trials smoother for everybody, we need you to follow these steps:

  • Create and sanction your event using Wizards Event Reporter (WER).
    Both date and format must be exact and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Send an e-mail to at least 3 weeks before your event with the following information:
    • Tournament sanctioning number:
    • WPN Shop's name:

If you would like your trial to appear on, please also provide us with:

  • Contact e-mail adress:
  • Event Date:
  • Event City:
  • Event Country:

Because Wizards of the Coast needs to manually modify the status of your tournament to make it a BoM Trial, it is essential that we receive your information at least three weeks before your event. As soon as we have confirmation of the status change by Wizards of the Coast, we will let you know. If you plan on running one in January, let us know and we'll go over the possibilities for reducing that duration.

Note that making this timing possible allows referencing your tournament as a Bazaar of Moxen trial in WotC's Store locator.

We recommend that you put a link to in your announcements so that your players know what is BoM and why they definitely should try to have byes for BoM8.




  • Once your tournament is completed, upload it using WER. Trials MUST have been processed by Wizards of the Coast to grant byes to players.
    No exception to this rule will be made!
  • Send us an email to with the following information:
    • Tournament's Sanctioning number
    • TO (or shop)'s name
    • Name, First name and DCI Number of the winner
    • Name, First name and DCI Number of the runner-up

We will publish a list of the players with byes on this website.