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17-19 April 2015

Expo Krakow Galicyjska 9 31-586 Kraków Poland

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GP Krakow 2015 GP Krakow Artists in attendance 17 Mar 2015 News by: Kevin

Bazaar of Moxen is proud to once again welcome three artists at its GPs.

In Krakow, Tomasz Jedruszek, RK Post and Johannes Voss will be ready to sign your favourite Magic cards.



Tomasz Jedruszek


Tomasz Jedruszek [ Tom-ash] [Yen-drew-sheck] is a Polish illustrator born in 1977.


Inspired as a kind by Grzegorz Rosinski's comics, Frank Frazetta, Milo Manara or Juan Gimenez, he graduaded from Architecture but during the studies he already started working for Polish, British and US RPG publishers.


Right after school he started his professional career as a Freelance Illustrator. Magic:The Gathering is his -dreams comes true- work, but besides that he works for Fantasy Flight Games and games like "Game of Thrones" , "Lord of The Rings" , "Star wars" or "Call of Cthulhu" and other clients to name a few like : Applibot Inc, Sony Online Ent. , White Wolf Publising,  Cryptozoic Ent. , Radical Comics  and Portal Games.


He made few personal achievements like CGsociety Choice Awards -5 times, CGhub gold award -20 times, Spectrum 18-concept art silver award , Ifected by art 2- digital painting gold award, CGsociety challenges : Steam Punk - digital painting winner and B-Movie: Lighting winner. He also has multiple book apearances.


In private life he's a husband and father of two and slowly developing his own graphic novels.



Tomasz's website


Tomasz's Magic cards in Gatherer



RK Post




Details coming soon!



Johannes Voss


Johannes has been working on Magic since Scars of Mirrodin.


Selftaught, he discovered his passion for art when playing Magic with his friends in school. Now, at age 26, he helps create the worlds that inspired him as a teenager.


His work can be found on his Facebook page or on his blog.



Johannes's Magic cards in Gatherer