Eternal Week-End 2016 Security at ETW 5 Oct 2016 News by: Guillaume

Dear players,



We received feedbacks from couple of players asking if we were taking any actions regarding the safety of participants, because of the tragic events that happened in France this last year.


The short answer is: YES!


The longest answer is the following one.


Security has always been an important topic for us and it’s why you always found couple of people from our team in the venue checking that everything was fine. Today, we think it’s important to increase the security level to access to our events and prevent any potential issue. It is why for the Eternal Week-End, we hired professional security guards. Their job will be
1) to control the entrance of the venue,
2) to reinforce our own team inside the building to double check that everything is fine.

A quick note to answer to Vintage players who asked questions about their belongings security. As usual to avoid theft players are in first position to protect their belongings by:

  • gathering everything at the end of the match,

  • keeping the bags close to them,

  • secured the bags under your seat when they are playing.

From our side, we will reinforce your belongings safety by:

  • Isolating the Vintage tournaments,

  • Restricted the access only to judges and players from this specific tournament


To avoid any delay make sure to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the event, time to pass the security and register for the event. Afterward, everything will be the same for you: playing Magic, having some good time with friends and trying to win the first Eternal Week-End hosted on this continent.



BoM Team