BOM Points Gallery & Converter Tuesday 18 November 2014 News by: Stephane


For GP Strasbourg, we have come up with a brand new prize system: BOM Points. You can earn them at each and every of our Side Events, including the Last Chance Trials!


We've gone further: We have asked awesome artists, including RK Post, design our BoM Points so they are more than BoM Points, they're also super cool tokens you can play with.


Here are the illustrations of our 6 tokens, from 1 BoM Points to 500. 





Side Events:


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can play our Side Events in 3 different formats : Legacy, Modern and Dual Commander. On Sunday, we have also added a Vintage event.
(Click here for the full Side Events schedule)


- 6/0/0 : 18 points: 1500 BoM Points
- 5/1/0 : 16 points: 900 BoM Points
- 5/0/1 : 15 points: 300 BoM Points
- 4/2/0 : 14 points: 225 BoM Points
- 4/1/1 : 13 points: 150 BoM Points




From 10:00 on Friday morning, you can play in as many Last Chance Trials as you want. They'll start as soon as 32 players are registered. Trials are 5-round single-elimination tournaments.

(Trial Schedule)


- 5 wins: 180 BoM Points + 2 byes
- 4 wins: 180 BoM Points
- 3 wins: 80 BoM Points
- 2 wins : 60 BoM Points
- 1 win: 40 BoM Points

You can earn , accumulate, trade and exchange BOM Points during the whole week end. 

Until Sunday night (30 November, 22:00), you will be able to exchange your BOM points against the prizes you like. Here's the list of the wonderful items we've selected for you:





For more details about the prizes you can obtain, click HERE



Finally, we can't insist enough on the necessity of registering online to secure your seat. There are only 2000 seats available!

BOM Points Converter - GP Strasbourg Tuesday 18 November 2014 News by: Stephane

During GP Strasbourg public events and trials, you will earn and accumulate BOM Points.

Here is visuals of items you can get in exchange of these points:















GP Strasbourg Max Attendance Monday 17 November 2014 News by: Kevin

Dear GP Strasbourg players,


We really wanted to follow up after the issues that unfortunately happened at GP Madrid and which some of you may have unfortunately suffered from, we would like to clarify some things about GP Strasbourg:

  • Our maximum capacity is 2000 players.
  • Registration has been picking up impressively in the last days, hence we encourage you to register to secure your seat.
  • We are closely monitoring the evolution of registration to be able to welcome you all.
    However, note that we will not be able to do miracles on the very last minute.


Once again, make sure you register online to secure your seat and keep in mind you may be eligible to additional prizes by doing so!


If you experience difficulties in registering, do not hesitate to contact us at

Please note you can only register 5 players at the same time.


We are committed to organize a great event and will do our maximum to welcome you all :)


See you all in Strasbourg for what looks like an awesome event!


BoM's Staff

Grand Prix Strasbourg Artists Tuesday 11 November 2014 News by: Kevin


We are proud to announce that Grand Prix Strasbourg will welcome no less than three Magic artists:

Johann Bodin

Magali Villeneuve

Ryan Yee




Johann Bodin


At the age of 28, Johann Bodin became a professional illustrator in 2005. He worked on many covers of science fiction and fantasy books for numerous French publishers. Since 2009, he has been illustrating cards for Magic: The Gathering. He also works for video games, press magazines, and he's frequently asked to develop the artwork for album covers and festival posters.


He's worked on numerous Magic cards, amongst which Polukranos, World Eater, Manta Rider and Whipflare



 The complete list of his illustrations can be found here!






Magali Villeneuve


Magali Villeneuve is a fantasy illustrator. She has mainly worked on licences such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, be it about book covers, RPGs or TCGs… She's working for Fantasy Flight Games, Random House, Del Rey, Wizards of the Coast, as well as Bragelonne, Milady, Rageot or Hachette in France.
She's also the creator of the Dark Fantasy Saga "La Dernière Terre", published at l'Homme sans nom.


She's most notably drawn Narset, Enlightened Master and Order of Succession



The complete list of her illustrations can be found here!



Ryan Yee


Ryan has always expressed interest in drawing and creating pictures. From scouring comic stores, huddling over fantasy art books in dimly lit libraries, there was always a sense of wonder that came from fantasy worlds. It wasn't until high school that he realized people actually made a living doodling these things. In college he studied Media Arts and Animation and since he has worked for clients such as Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering, Paizo's Pathfinder series, Fantasy Flight's Star Wars and Lord of the Rings board games.

Ryan has illustrated for Wizards of the Coast since Magic 2011. Some of his most popular cards include Ancient Grudge, Endless Ranks of the Dead, promo Judges Familiar, Blood Bairn, Hall of Triumph and Command Tower, as well as Khans of Tarkir's Dig through time!


He currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a lead concept artist for Schell Games where he continues to draw and create worlds his inner 15 year old self once dreamed about.



The complete list of his illustrations can be found here!




The three of them will be available for signing your cards throughout the week-end. To keep that moment enjoyable for both players and artists, we will enforce the following rules:

  • You may not have more than 16 cards signed at a time
  • We will close the queue at a time that allows Artists to finish on the scheduled time












Johann Bodin









Magali Villeneuve






Ryan Yee






If you would like to have a dedicated signing session with our artists, we encourage you to check our VIP Experience package.


The Sleep-in Special Sunday 9 November 2014 News by: Kevin


Whether you have byes or not, you really want to subscribe to our Sleep-in Special.


Sleep more to win more


A great night of sleep is important before a Grand Prix. So why bother with an early alarm and risk making a lethal mistake in that decisive round 8 or 9?

That’s why we’ve designed the Sleep-in Special, which allows you to skip the Seat All Players and the global deck registration process.


Instead, you will be allowed to go directly to a dedicated booth to be taken care of individually:

A judge will give you a Pre-registered card pool, make you sign the mandatory Media Consent Form and will tell you the moment you must submit your decklist.

Check in whenever you feel like! There is only one requirement: You must be finished by the moment the first round you need to play starts!



A glance on timings


Seat All Players will be posted at 8:55 and Players’ Meeting will start at 9:00. We therefore expect Round 1 to start at 10:30, Round 2 approximately at 11:40, Round 3 approximately at 12:50 and Round 4 approximately at 14:00

Even if you have no byes, subscribing to the Sleep-in Special means you can arrive as late as at 9:50 and be taken care of individually!

  • If you have 1 bye, you can arrive at 11:00 at the latest
  • If you have 2 byes, you can arrive at 12:10 at the latest
  • If you have 3 byes, you can arrive at 13:15 at the latest


All the advantages our Sleep-in Special provide cost a mere 20€ extra. So treat yourself and maximize your chances to draft with the cream of the crop on Day 2.

Want even more services? Check out how to live the VIP Experience!


Interested? Register NOW!

New : BoM Points System Wednesday 5 November 2014 News by: Kevin


For GP Strasbourg, we are experiencing a brand new way to give out prizes.


You will earn BoM points at ALL Side Events.

Yes, ALL Side Events: This includes Friday Trials and 8-player tournaments.



BoM Points can be converted into boosters or items from our selection of top singles and exclusive goodies.


Points can be accumulated through the week-end

You don't need to choose a prize immediately. You can keep them through the whole week-end to be eligible to better prizes.



Team with your friends

You can combine your BoM points to get better prizes.

How nice would it be that five of you share a ComicCon "Black" Planeswalkers Set?

Or that, instead of 30 individual boosters, you have a filmed brand new box of product?

Or maybe a whole case of product?


And if you have remaining BoM points at the end of the week-end, don't worry. We'll exchange all your remaining points for boosters until Sunday evening!



Here's a provisional list of the items you can win during GP Strasbourg:







Booster Pack 10
100 BoM Sleeves 30
Shockland 50
  BoM Deck Box + 100 BoM sleeves    50

Funko Pop! Mini

  GP Strasbourg 2014 playmat 80
 GP Paris 2014 playmat 90
PR Promo Emrakul 120
Promo Garruk Axe 150

From The Vault: Annihilation

Duel Deck: Knights VS Dragons 250
  Jace, the Mind Sculptor (FTV foil) 250
Island Unhinged FOIL 250
Radiant Archangel FOIL 250
Sneak Attack Judge Gift


  Noble Hierarch Judge Gift 250
Badlands WB NM 250
Scrubland WB NM 250
Force of Will 300
Booster Box 300
Show and Tell Judge Gift 300
Abrup Decay FOIL 350
Savannah WB NM 350
Taiga WB NM 350
Liliana of the Veil 400
Jace Coin 450
Bayou WB NM 500
Tundra WB NM 650
Tropical Island WB NM 650
Tarmogoyf 650
Volcanic Island WB NM 750
Underground Sea WB NM 1000
Mox Opal Japanese FOIL 1500
Booster Case 1700
  ComicCon Planeswalker Set 2014 2500
  ComicCon Planeswalker Set 2013 3000
Modern Masters Full set 3000
Mishra's Workshop NM 2000
  Umezawa's Jitte Japanese FOIL  9000
Black Lotus Unlimited Played 12000



Excited? Then join us at GP Strasbourg for an awesome week-end and register NOW!


BoM's staff.

More of a Constructed player? Wednesday 29 October 2014 News by: Kevin


We'll organize many Constructed events over the week-end. Here are the timings for each tournament each day:




Legacy starts at 13:00

Modern starts at 13:30

Duel Commander starts at 14:00





Legacy starts at 12:00

Modern starts at 13:00

Duel Commander starts at 14:00





Legacy starts at 10:30

Modern starts at 11:00

Duel Commander starts at 11:30

Vintage starts at 12:00



Entry fee will be 25€, they'll be 6 Swiss-rounds long and their prizes are as follows:

  • 18 points: 1500 BoM Points
  • 16 points: 900 BoM Points
  • 15 points: 300 BoM Points
  • 14 points: 225 BoM Points
  • 13 points: 150 BoM Points


What does that mean?


Well, 300 BoM points is a Sealed Box of Khans of Tarkir.

1500 is more than 2 WB Volcanic Islands Near Mint, or more than 2 Tarmogoyfs.


Check what we'll have in stock! And don't forget you can accumulate your BoM Points to go bigger!




The Constructed Lovers Special!


We love your feedback. It’s what makes us improve. One of you wondered why we were restricting our Lovers Specials Packs to a single format, as it was also excluding Vintage from the loop. It’s very fair that you might want to enjoy different formats all over the week-end.


Hence we’ve decided to modify our offer to give you more flexibility. We’ve merged all the Lovers Specials into a single one. Additionally, we’ve felt that if you’re coming to GP Strasbourg, you should be able to get a copy of the play mat.


Here’s the detail of this brand new offer:

  • Play in part or all of our Scheduled Constructed events: Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Duel Commander
  • Secure our awesome GP Strasbourg Playmat!
  • For only 75€


So don't wait anymore and register now to join us at an awesome GP Strasbourg!



BoM's staff.

Extra prizes for online registrants Wednesday 29 October 2014 News by: Kevin


Dreaming of FOIL Fetchlands?

This FOIL Khans of Tarkir set is one of the many awesome prizes you can win by registering online for GP Strasbourg.



The 50th player who registers for the Main Event will be eligible to additional prizes. Same goes for the 100th, 150th, etc.

Oh, as a bonus, players 25, 75, 125 and 175 will also receive something!


Here's the list of the prizes we'll give. Note that you must be present at the Grand Prix to collect them.








From the Vault: Annihilation



Full Khans of Tarkir Set



100 BoM Points



Full FOIL Khans of Tarkir set



100 BoM Points



From the Vault: 20



Free Side Event Draft



Full FOIL M15 set



From the Vault: Annihilation



Full Khans of Tarkir Set



From the Vault: Annihilation



The VIP Experience Package




100 BoM Points

Full FOIL Khans of Tarkir set



Free Side Event Draft



From the Vault: Annihilation



GP Strasbourg play mat



100 BoM Points



Full FOIL Born of the Gods set



Free Side Event Draft



From the Vault: Annihilation



GP Strasbourg play mat



100 BoM Points



Full FOIL Journey into Nyx set



Free Side Event Draft



From the Vault: Annihilation



GP Strasbourg play mat



The VIP Experience Package



From the Vault: 20



Free Side Event Draft



From the Vault: Annihilation



GP Strasbourg play mat



100 BoM Points



Full FOIL Born of the Gods set



GP Strasbourg play mat



 Free Side Event Draft



 100 BoM Points



 GP Strasbourg play mat



Full Khans of Tarkir Set




Here are the rules:

  1. Only Main Event Registration are taken into account. "Lovers Packs" aren't eligible to this offer.
  2. Winners will be determined after registration will be closed.
  3. Winners can collect their prizes at GP Strasbourg Info Booth. If you do not show up at GP Strasbourg, you aren't eligible to prizes.
  4. Remember that registrations aren't modifiable nor refundable


Exciting, isn't it?


Then, register online NOW!


BoM's Staff.

Revealing the Play Mat! Wednesday 22 October 2014 News by: Kevin

Today’s one of the greatest days coming up to Grand Prix Strasbourg: We’re revealing the play mat designed by top Magic artist Ryan Yee!




Following the series initiated in Paris, we wanted an iconic monument of the city on the play mat. We feel that Angel defending Strasbourg’s Cathedral along with her Guardian Beasts is pretty awesome!

Agreed? Let’s recap how you can get it!



Thrilled? Then it’s time to register!

Keep in mind that registering online makes you potentially eligible to additional prizes, including FOIL Khans of Tarkir sets!

GP Strasbourg step by step Wednesday 15 October 2014 News by: Kevin

Coming to a Grand Prix for the first time is an awesome experience. We at Bazaar of Moxen would like you to enjoy each and every part of it, and we believe that you'll enjoy it even more if you know what to expect:

What time do you need to arrive? What will happen? What should you do?

We felt like we should make all of this crystal clear to all of you.





First, an important reminder: To give us the maximum chances to start and finish on time

There will be NO REGISTRATION on Saturday morning!


Therefore, you must register online (which entitles you to additional benefits) until Thursday evening OR come to the venue, which will be open from Friday morning 10:00, where you can play in the Trials to win 2 byes. Registration for the Main Event will open at 16:00 and close at 21:00


If you registered online, you do NOT need to come to see us. You will be automatically added in the tournament. This is the core benefit of registering online: No Queuing on site!




The Seat All Players


The Main event will start on Saturday at 09:00


First, we would like to remind you that even if you have byes, you must be present at the Seat All Players, unless you've subscribed to the Sleep-In Special or the VIP Experience, in which case you'll be able to check-in at our dedicated booth.


At 08:55 on Saturday, judges will post the Seat All Players. This is a list of all the players and the number of the table they should report at to receive their product and decklist for the day.



Finding your Seat


Seat All Players will be posted on "Pairing Boards" spread everywhere in the room and outside as well. You need to report to the board that matches the initial of your Last Name.


Good to know:

  • There are two columns on each sheet, so check both!
  • If you can't find your last name, check your first name. Indeed, they may be switched in the global database.

After performing these two checks, if you still can't find yourself, come to see us at the Main Stage.



Checking your byes


If you have byes, check the presence of 1B, 2B or 3B next to your name. This indicates the number of byes you have in the event. If you disagree with it, come to see us at the Main Event Stage.

Good to know:

  1. Wizards of the Coast is providing us the OFFICIAL bye list for the event. The only way we can deviate from this list requires you show us your personal page on the Planeswalker Points website.
  2. If you have won a GP Trial, make sure it has been reported by your local Tournament Organizer. If he didn't perform that simple action, we will not be able to give you the byes. Again, showing us the Planeswalker Points page stating you won the Trial is a sufficient proof.

If you have subscribed to the Sleep-In Special or the VIP Experience, we'd like to remind you that you are ultimately responsible for making sure you have the correct number of byes. We cannot be held responsible for a discrepancy between what you think and the file we're sent by Wizards of the Coast. Again, check the Planeswalker Points website to make sure your Grand Prix will be perfect.


Note: Since the website requires a login and pass, we cannot access it for you. You are the only one able to login there.


For the vast majority, everything will be perfect. So it's time to go to your seat for the Players' Meeting!




The Players' Meeting


Several things will happen, in order:

  1. Card Pool Registration
  2. Signing of the Media Consent Form
  3. Distribution of the Promo Batterskull
  4. Deck Swap
  5. Deck Building


Card Pool Registration


Judges will distribute product and decklists. The first thing you need to do is to register all of the 84 cards on the decklist you will be given.

Note that unlike at your local Pre-release, we will perform a deck swap. This means you will NOT be playing with the cards you will open, hence you only need to focus on registering the card pool you have been given.

We know this is boring, hence so as to make that as fast as possible, here are the steps to follow:

  1. As soon as you have them, open all Booster Packs and put all cards in a single pile.
  2. Put trash in the empty booster box that is in the middle of the table.
  3. Remove the basic land and the token. You can keep them.
    Note: If there is a FOIL basic land, you must register it and pass it.
  4. Sort cards by color.
  5. Then by alphabetical order inside each color (trust us, that really saves time)

Meanwhile, Judges will have distributed you a decklist.

  1. Write your name in the upper left box
  2. Register your 84 cards

You will have 20 minutes from the moment the whole room will have product.

When you are finished, keep them sorted and alphabetized.




Media Consent Forms


  • Judges will distribute a "Media Consent Form" to each of you. This is a legal document that we encourage you to read by clicking here.
  • You will need to fill out and sign this document. We want to stress that signing it is mandatory, since it also contains acceptation of the way prizes are distributed at the Grand Prix. If you do not want to sign it, you will not unfortunately not be able to participate in the Grand Prix Main Event.
  • Also, if you are a minor in your country, you will need to have it signed by your parent or a legal guardian. in such a case, we encourage to print it at home and bring it with you.


The Promo card


Judges will then distribute the FOIL Promo Batterskull.





The Deck Swap


This procedure consists in exchanging decks between players before proceeding to the Deck Construction. It has two steps:

  1. As soon as you're finished registering and the player in front of you is, exchange your decks and make sure the other player has correctly registered his pool.
  2. Once this is done, give the deck back to its owner.
  3. The Head Judge will then give global instructions at the microphone on who to give the card pool to.
    If you're still checking, stop checking and follow the instructions.



Deck Construction


You have received a new pool. Note that it may happen you get yours back.

  1. Write your name in the upper right box
  2. Write your Table Number in the upper right corner of the decklist
    This is essential to help us sorting decklists very quickly so that if you need to access your decklist, we can find it for you !
  3. You have 30 minutes to build a deck AND register it on the decklist.

Judges will be collecting your Media Consent Form during deck construction. They will also bring you basic lands to play with.



Quick tips:

  • Remember to write the number of basic lands you play on your decklist
  • Count your Main Deck twice and make sure there are 40 cards, lands included.
  • Unlike at Pre-releases, you MUST play with the Main Deck you registered during the first game of each round.
  • Once you have given your decklist to a judge, modifications will not be possible.
  • Oh, and once again, make sure you wrote your name and Table number


If you're looking into more comfort, check our Sleep-In Special and VIP Experience packages!



Well, that's it! Pairings for Round 1 have been posted ;)



BoM's staff.