BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Welcome to Bazaar of Moxen 9 ! 1 May 2014 News by: Arnaud-H




After going to Paris for the 8th edition, Bazaar of Moxen goes back to the beautiful Annecy for 4 days full of tournaments and many Legacy & Vintage spoilers to win !

This 9th edition will feature four main events, with Modern and a Sealed PTQ in addition of the classis Legacy and Vintage Main Events. Many trials and side events will also be played throughout the week-end, aloowing all the players to compete in their favourite format.


For the Legacy Main Event, the swiss rounds will be played on Friday, then the top8 will come back on Saturday morning, instead of playing the while event in one single day. The winner will get a full Black-Bordered Power9, and all the top32 will get at least a blue dual land.


Stay tuned during the week-end for more updates about all the events !


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BoM9 Schedule :


Thursday, May 1st :

PTQ Portland
Legacy - Last Chance Trials
BoM9 Vintage Trial
BoM9 Modern Trial


Friday, May 2nd :


Legacy Main Event
Bazaar of Trios - Team Sealed
BoM9 Vintage Trial
BoM9 Modern Trial


Saturday, May 3rd :


Legacy Main Event - Top8

Modern Main Event
Bazaar of Legends - Duel Commander #1
BoM9 Vintage Trial
BoM10 Legacy Trial


Sunday, May 4th :


Vintage Main Event
Bazaar of Legends - Duel Commander #2
BoM10 Legacy Trial
BoM10 Modern Trial