BoM 09 Annecy 2014 PTQ Portland : Top8 1 May 2014 News by: Arnaud-H



After 9 rounds in Theros/Born of the Gods Sealed, only 8 players remain from the initial 255, the top8 draft will begin soon to see who will attend Pro Tour : Magic 2015 in Portland.

1 Rosenberger, Alexander 24
2 Pinet, Vincent 24
3 Leroy, Yannick 23
4 Sanchez, Marc 23
5 Meihsl, Misha 22
6 Idelfonso, Diony 22
7 Mezhoud, Hakim 22
8 Baglin, Arnaud 22


We will be following Hakim Mezhoud during the top8 draft, a regular french player who finished top16 in the last Grand Prix Paris and top8ed another PTQ earlier this season.


Pack 1


Pick 1 : Bile Blight over Searing Blood, Kragma Butcher, Nyxborn Triton
Pick 2 : Satyr Nyx-Smith over Forlorn Pseudamma, Bolt of Keranos, Excoriate
Pick 3 : Searing Blood over Fanatic of Xenagos, Retraction Helix
Pick 4 : Pharagax Giant over Nyxborn Wolf, Retraction Helix
Pick 5 : Weight of the Underworld over Fanatic of Xenagos, Sudden Storm, Divination
Pick 6 : Felhide Brawler over Impetuous Sunchaser, Nullify, Marshmist Titan
Pick 7 : Weight of the Underworld over Necrobite, Servant of Tymaret, Oracle's Insight
Pick 8 : Temple of Enlightment over Fearsome Temper, Pheres-Band Raiders
Pick 9 : Necrobite
Pick 10 : Forlorn Pseudamma over Fellhide Brawler
Pick 11 : Weight of the Underworld
Pick 12 : Warchanter of Mogis
Pick 13 : Epiphany Storm
Pick 14 : Evanescent Intellect


Pack 2


Pick 1 : Grey Merchant of Asphodel over Baleful Eidolon, Ordeal of Erebos, Sip of Hemlock, Boon Satyr, Fanatic of Mogis
Pick 2 : Grey Merchant of Esphodel over Nylea, God of the Hunt, Cavern Lampad, Rescue from the Underworld
Pick 3 : Ill-Tempered Cyclops over Griptide, God's Willing, Pharika's Mender, Oredal of Nylea
Pick 4 : Opaline Unicorn over Returned Phalanx
Pick 5 : Akroan Crusader over Griptide
Pick 6 : Spearpoint Oread over Borderland Minotaur
Pick 7 : Felhide Minotaur over Borderland Minotaur
Pick 8 : Satyr Rambler over Portent of Betrayal, Steam Augury
Pick 9 : Sip of Hemlock over Ordeal of Erebos
Pick 10 : Cavern Kampad over Rescue from the Underworld
Pick 11 : Returned Centaur over Satyr Rambler
Pick 12 : March of the Returned over Asphodel Wanderer, Guardians of Meletis
Pick 13 : Satyr Hedonist
Pick 14 : March of the Returned


Pack 3


Pick 1 : Lash of the Whip over Sip of Hemlock, Cavern Lampad, Sentry of the Underworld, Curse of the Swine
Pick 2 : Read the Bones over Cutthroat Maneuver, Borderland Minotaur
Pick 3 : Insatiable Harpy over Returned Centaur, Akroan Horse
Pick 4 : Baleful Eidolon over Keepsake Gorgon, Tormented Hero, Bident of Thassa
Pick 5 : Fanatic of Mogis over Baleful Eidolon
Pick 6 : Read the Bones over Boon of Erebos, Temple of Abandon
Pick 7 : Arena Athlete over Cavern Lampad, Two-Headed Cerberus, Satyr Rambler
Pick 8 : Felhide Minotaur over Traveler's Amulet
Pick 9 : Sip of Hemlock over Cavern Lampad
Pick 10 : Cutthroat Maneuver over Satyr Rambler
Pick 11 : Returned Centaur over Loathsome Catoplebas
Pick 12 : Returned Centaur
Pick 13 : Spark Jolt
Pick 14 : Triton Shorethief


After taking the risk to go on black in the Born of the Gods booster, he was rewarded with 2 Grey Merchants in the pack2, and many good black cards late in the draft, like these 2 Sip of Hemlock in pick 9.

Hakim ends up with a solid RB aggro, which allowed him to win this PTQ ! Congratulations to him, and get back tomorrow for more events !


Tomorrow's schedule (Friday, May 2nd) :


Legacy Main Event (Live video streaming on starting with round 3)
Bazaar of Trios - Team Sealed
BoM9 Vintage Trial
BoM9 Modern Trial