Eternal Week-End 2016 Live Coverage 21 Oct 2016 News by: Hemgath

Sunday 23rd - 11am


Eternal Weekend Paris Day 2 is now live !



94 fans entered the Vintage Championship, all rounds will be broadcast on Twitch.


Full Vintage coverage can be found here :


Meanwhile, 71 Commander players registered for 7 rounds in the European Commander Cup !


You can follow the text coverage on the BOM website.


And as usual, you can follow live stream on our Twitch channel :


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Happy Magic day ;)





Saturday 22nd - 10am


Welcome to Paris for day 1 of the Eternal Weekend 2016 !


294 players joined today for the Legacy Championship, which means 9 rounds will be played before the top8 who will crown the European Legacy Champion !


Of course, all rounds will be broadcast on our Twitch channel :


Meanwhile, 34 players entered the European Old School Cup, playing old frame cards like Power 9 or Chaos Orb.



Legacy Championship - Last standings will be updated here throughout the day.