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BOM Paris


9th, 10th & 11th September 2016


Espace Chevreul
109 Avenue de la Liberté
92000 Nanterre


BOM Paris 2016 Byes List 6 Sep 2016 News by: Guillaume

In couple of days we will meet for BoM Paris. Some of you won byes by being in final of one of the trials organized by our partner. To allow you to double check if everything is fine we just released the byes list. We encourage you to check if you correctly got your byes. If not, please contact your trial organiser and check with him/her if the results have correctly been report on our website.

BOM Paris 2016 List of trials for BOM Paris 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane

Here is the list for BoM Paris trials: The list