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BOM Paris


9th, 10th & 11th September 2016


Espace Chevreul
109 Avenue de la Liberté
92000 Nanterre


BOM Paris 2016 Byes List 6 Sep 2016 News by: Guillaume

In couple of days we will meet for BoM Paris. Some of you won byes by being in final of one of the trials organized by our partner. To allow you to double check if everything is fine we just released the byes list. We encourage you to check if you correctly got your byes. If not, please contact your trial organiser and check with him/her if the results have correctly been report on our website.

Eternal Week-End 2016 Eternal Week-End trials list 22 Aug 2016 News by: Guillaume

Here is the map for the Eternal Week-End trials. Feel free to contact your local store to ask it to organize a trial next to you.





You can access to the complet list of trials by following this link

BOM Strasbourg 2016 Bye list 29 Jun 2016 News by: Guillaume





This week-end, we will hosting BoM Strasbourg!


Many of you won byes during at their local store by playing a BoM trials. To prevent any issue regarding byes during the week-end we encourage you to double check in the follow list, if your number of byes is correct. If you notice any mistake please contact us at


The bye list




See you this week-end in Strasbourg for another week-end full of Magic,




Bazaar of Moxen team


BOM Strasbourg 2016 List of trials for BOM Strasbourg 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane


Map of trials




Here you can find the list of BOM Strasbourg Trials scheduled:


Shop                      Date                     Format            City              Country           Contact
Arena Games 12/03/2016 Legacy Ingolstadt Germany
Lutins Malins 12/03/2016 Modern Epinal France
Schreibwaren Scherer 26/03/2016 Modern Pforzheim Germany
L'Imaginarium - Namur 05/04/2016 Modern Namur Belgique
Arena Games 09/04/2016 Modern Ingolstadt Germany
Joute et jeux 10/04/2016 Sealed Deck Grenoble France
L'Imaginarium - Namur 19/04/2016 Sealed Deck Namur Belgique
L'Imaginarium - Namur 19/04/2016 Sealed Deck Namur Belgique
Joute et jeux 20/04/2016 Modern 38000 France
Forges de Lumières 23/04/2016 Modern Castanet-Tolosan France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Standard Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Modern Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Legacy Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Sealed Deck Chalons-en-Champagne France
Univers Parallèle 24/04/2016 Legacy Grenoble France
Outpost Brussels 07/05/2016 Modern Brussels Belgium
CULTURA PUGET 14/05/2016 Legacy PUGET SUR ARGENS 83480
House of Cards GmbH 15/05/2016 Legacy Bern Switzerland
House of Cards GmbH 16/05/2016 Modern Bern Schweiz
Le Grand Cercle 21/05/2016 Legacy Pontoise France
magic bazar 28/05/2016 Legacy annecy france
Schreibwaren Scherer 29/05/2016 Modern Pforzheim Deutschland
gamecash soissons 03/06/2016 Legacy soissons france
Vent Divin 04/06/2016 Sealed Deck Strasbourg France
Cartes Sur Table 04/06/2016 Modern Auxerre France
Xenomorphe 05/06/2016 Legacy Genève Swizerland
Outpost Brussels 05/06/2016 Modern Brussels Belgium
Cartes Sur Table 05/06/2016 Standard Auxerre France
next level game (virtua clermont) 07/06/2016 Legacy clermont france
gamecash soissons 10/06/2016 Modern soissons France
magic bazar 11/06/2016 Modern annecy france
cartapapa 11/06/2016 Modern Montpellier FRANCE
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Legacy Nancy France
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Modern Nancy France
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Standard Nancy France
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Sealed Deck Nancy France
magic bazar 18/06/2016 Standard annecy france
cartapapa 18/06/2016 Legacy Montpellier FRANCE
gamecash soissons 18/06/2016 Legacy soissons France
gamecash soissons 18/06/2016 Modern soissons France
Estaminet des Trolls 18/06/2016 Legacy lille france
Geek Cash 19/06/2016 Legacy Audincourt France
GamePlace 19/06/2016 Legacy Luzern Switzerland
gamecash soissons 25/06/2016 Legacy soissons France
gamecash soissons 25/06/2016 Modern soissons France

BOM Annecy 2016 List of trials for BOM Annecy 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane


Map of trials




Here you can find the list of BOM Annecy Trials scheduled:


Shop                      Date                     Format            City              Country           Contact
rolegames 23/01/2016 Sealed Deck marseille France
Joute et jeux 24/01/2016 Sealed Deck Grenoble France
rolegames 30/01/2016 Modern marseille France
GamePlace 31/01/2016 Legacy Lucerne Switzerland
Arena Games 20/02/2016 Legacy Ingolstadt Germany
Power Nine 20/02/2016 Legacy Clermont-Ferrand France
L'Imaginarium - Namur 23/02/2016 Sealed Deck Namur Belgique
rolegames 27/02/2016 Legacy marseille France
Power Nine 27/02/2016 Modern Clermont-Ferrand France
magic bazar 05/03/2016 Modern ANNECY france
Le chemin des fées 06/03/2016 Standard Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 06/03/2016 Modern Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 06/03/2016 Legacy Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 06/03/2016 Sealed Deck Chalons-en-Champagne France
Joute et jeux 06/03/2016 Modern Grenoble France
fantasy sphere 12/03/2016 Modern Toulouse France
Magic Bazar Paris 12/03/2016 Standard Paris France
magic bazar 12/03/2016 Legacy annecy france
Librairix 13/03/2016 Legacy BOURGES FRANCE
Arena Games 19/03/2016 Modern Ingolstadt Germany
Hotel Holiday Inn 19/03/2016 Legacy Turin Italy
magic bazar 19/03/2016 Sealed Deck annecy france
Next Level 20/03/2016 Modern MONTBRISON France
fantasy sphere 26/03/2016 Standard Toulouse France
Magic Bazar Paris 26/03/2016 Modern Paris France
Dark Sphere 26/03/2016 Modern London United Kingdom
Outpost Bruxelles 26/03/2016 Standard Brussels Belgium
Dragons Lair 26/03/2016 Legacy Stockholm Sweden
EPFL 02/04/2016 Legacy Lausanne Switzerland
Next Level 03/04/2016 Modern MONTBRISON France
Magic Bazar Paris 09/04/2016 Sealed Deck Paris France
magic bazar 09/04/2016 Sealed Deck annecy france
Cadeaux Jeux BONNEFOY 09/04/2016 Standard Saint Chély d'Apcher 48200
Jeux Cadeaux Bonnefoy 09/04/2016 Standard Saint Chély d'Apcher 48200
gamecash soissons 09/04/2016 Legacy soissons france
Xénomorphe 10/04/2016 Modern Genève Swizerland
Dark Sphere 10/04/2016 Legacy London United Kingdom
Forges de Lumières 10/04/2016 Modern Castanet Tolosan France
magic bazar 16/04/2016 Modern annecy france
Mix-Image 23/04/2016 Legacy St-Maurice Switzerland
Magic Bazar Paris 23/04/2016 Legacy Paris France
magic bazar 23/04/2016 Legacy annecy france
Outpost Antwerpen 23/04/2016 Legacy Antwerpen Belgium
Joute et jeux 24/04/2016 Legacy Grenoble France

List of trials for BOM London 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane

Coming soon

BOM Paris 2016 List of trials for BOM Paris 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane

Here is the list for BoM Paris trials: The list

List of trials for BOM Brussels 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane

Coming soon

BOM Madrid 2016 List of trials for BOM Madrid 24 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane


Map of trials




Here you can find the list of BOM Madrid Trials scheduled:


Shop Date Format City Country Contact
fantasy sphere 20/02/2016 Modern Toulouse France
inGenio BCN Games 20/02/2016 Legacy Barcelona Spain
Carte Chance 20/02/2016 Legacy Paris FRANCE
AVALON BURGOS 20/02/2016 Legacy Burgos España
fantasy sphere 21/02/2016 Legacy Toulouse France
Carte Chance 21/02/2016 Standard Paris France
Dark Sphere 21/02/2016 Legacy London United Kingdom
Games Garden 21/02/2016 Modern Bottrop Germany
Games Garden 21/02/2016 Legacy Bottrop Germany


Past events:

Shop Date Format City Country Contact
Magic Bazar Paris 19/12/2015 Standard Paris France
Lotos 27/12/2015 Legacy Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
Arena Games 02/01/2016 Modern Ingolstadt Germany
Guardian Adventure 02/01/2016 Modern Espinho Portugal
magic bazar 02/01/2016 Modern ANNECY France
Magic Bazar Paris 02/01/2016 Modern Paris France
Joute et jeux 03/01/2016 Modern Grenoble France
Arena Porto 09/01/2016 Modern Porto Portugal
Hobbit-Spb 10/01/2016 Modern Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
Armageddon 10/01/2016 Legacy Donostia Spain
Arena Porto 10/01/2016 Legacy Porto Portugal
Arena Games 23/01/2016 Legacy Ingolstadt Germany
magic bazar 23/01/2016 Sealed Deck ANNECY France
Drawstep 23/01/2016 Modern Braga Portugal
Magic Bazar Paris 23/01/2016 Sealed Deck Paris France
Hobbit-Spb 24/01/2016 Sealed Deck Saint-Petersburg Russian Federation
Armageddon 24/01/2016 Modern Donostia Spain
Gremio de Dragones 24/01/2016 Legacy Valencia Spain
L'Imaginarium - Namur 26/01/2016 Sealed Deck Namur Belgique
magic bazar 30/01/2016 Legacy annecy France
Voodoo Games 30/01/2016 Standard Trofa Portugal
Arena Porto 31/01/2016 Standard Porto Portugal
gamecash 05/02/2016 Legacy SOISSONS FRANCE
Voodoo Games 06/02/2016 Modern Trofa Portugal
gamecash 06/02/2016 Modern SOISSONS FRANCE
FUNtainment Game Store München 06/02/2016 Legacy München Germany
AVALON BURGOS 06/02/2016 Modern Burgos España
Outpost Bruxelles 07/02/2016 Modern Brussels Belgium
L'Imaginarium - Namur 09/02/2016 Modern Namur Belgique
Magic Bazar Paris 13/02/2016 Legacy Paris France
Outpost Bruxelles 13/02/2016 Standard Brussels Belgium
Gremio de Dragones 14/02/2016 Modern Valencia Spain
Univers Parallèle 14/02/2016 Modern Toulouse France


Last Name First Name Format Number of byes
Azevedo Paulo Modern 1
Barbier-guillou Aloysius Modern 2
Boulinguiez Dylan Modern 1
cattaud ivan Sealed Deck 2
Ceballos Juan Manuel Modern 1
Chauvel Laurent Standard 1
CREPELLE Nicolas Modern 2
CREPPELLE Nicolas Legacy 1
Cubal Mariana Modern 2
Darras Alexandre Modern 1
De San Roman Mikel Modern 1
DUROY Maxence Legacy 2
DUROY Maxence Modern 1
Duroy Maxence Legacy 1
Esteba Jose Modern 2
Garcia Rodrigo David Modern 2
Gimenez Gerardo Modern 2
Goncalves Fabio Modern 1
gonzalez serafim Legacy 2
Granero Rafa Legacy 1
Grasset Jean-Baptiste Standard 2
Hausmann Marius Legacy 1
Ivanov Maxim Legacy 1
Janker Harald Legacy 2
Karlinski Anton Legacy 2
Kellock Tom Legacy 2
lemoine jimmy Sealed Deck 1
levet damien Legacy 2
Liessi Thibault Sealed Deck 2
Martin Alain Legacy 2
Martinez Javier Legacy 1
Materne Jordan Modern 2
Mendes Telmo Modern 2
Mendes Telmo Modern 1
Mendibe Eneko Legacy 1
Moreira Jose Standard 1
Moya Alvaro Modern 2
Neyra Garcia Marlon Standard 1
Obregón Diego Legacy 2
Ortega Juan Standard 2
Pavesi Vittorio Modern 2
Pereira Nuno Modern 2
Pinto Telmo Legacy 1
Pletinckx Kenneth Modern 1
Puissant Remi Legacy 2
Riccardo Zara Legacy 1
Rodriguez Carrancho Diego Modern 1
Schieffer Paul Modern 1
Seara Tiago Standard 2
Shavyrin Nickita Legacy 2
Soubrier Stephane Sealed Deck 1
Tausche Robert Legacy 1
Valentin Damien Modern 1
Van Koekenbeek Benjamin Modern 2
vernex arnaud Legacy 1
Vieu Alexandre Modern 1
Vignane Rémi Modern 2
Zarzoso Alfonso Legacy 2