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BOM Strasbourg

1st, 2nd & 3rd July


Palais de la Musique et des Congrès
Hall PMC 3
Place de Bordeaux
67082 Strasbourg


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BOM Strasbourg 2016 Bye list 29 Jun 2016 News by: Guillaume





This week-end, we will hosting BoM Strasbourg!


Many of you won byes during at their local store by playing a BoM trials. To prevent any issue regarding byes during the week-end we encourage you to double check in the follow list, if your number of byes is correct. If you notice any mistake please contact us at


The bye list




See you this week-end in Strasbourg for another week-end full of Magic,




Bazaar of Moxen team


BOM Strasbourg 2016 List of trials for BOM Strasbourg 26 Nov 2015 News by: Stephane


Map of trials




Here you can find the list of BOM Strasbourg Trials scheduled:


Shop                      Date                     Format            City              Country           Contact
Arena Games 12/03/2016 Legacy Ingolstadt Germany
Lutins Malins 12/03/2016 Modern Epinal France
Schreibwaren Scherer 26/03/2016 Modern Pforzheim Germany
L'Imaginarium - Namur 05/04/2016 Modern Namur Belgique
Arena Games 09/04/2016 Modern Ingolstadt Germany
Joute et jeux 10/04/2016 Sealed Deck Grenoble France
L'Imaginarium - Namur 19/04/2016 Sealed Deck Namur Belgique
L'Imaginarium - Namur 19/04/2016 Sealed Deck Namur Belgique
Joute et jeux 20/04/2016 Modern 38000 France
Forges de Lumières 23/04/2016 Modern Castanet-Tolosan France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Standard Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Modern Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Legacy Chalons-en-Champagne France
Le chemin des fées 24/04/2016 Sealed Deck Chalons-en-Champagne France
Univers Parallèle 24/04/2016 Legacy Grenoble France
Outpost Brussels 07/05/2016 Modern Brussels Belgium
CULTURA PUGET 14/05/2016 Legacy PUGET SUR ARGENS 83480
House of Cards GmbH 15/05/2016 Legacy Bern Switzerland
House of Cards GmbH 16/05/2016 Modern Bern Schweiz
Le Grand Cercle 21/05/2016 Legacy Pontoise France
magic bazar 28/05/2016 Legacy annecy france
Schreibwaren Scherer 29/05/2016 Modern Pforzheim Deutschland
gamecash soissons 03/06/2016 Legacy soissons france
Vent Divin 04/06/2016 Sealed Deck Strasbourg France
Cartes Sur Table 04/06/2016 Modern Auxerre France
Xenomorphe 05/06/2016 Legacy Genève Swizerland
Outpost Brussels 05/06/2016 Modern Brussels Belgium
Cartes Sur Table 05/06/2016 Standard Auxerre France
next level game (virtua clermont) 07/06/2016 Legacy clermont france
gamecash soissons 10/06/2016 Modern soissons France
magic bazar 11/06/2016 Modern annecy france
cartapapa 11/06/2016 Modern Montpellier FRANCE
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Legacy Nancy France
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Modern Nancy France
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Standard Nancy France
Arcadia 12/06/2016 Sealed Deck Nancy France
magic bazar 18/06/2016 Standard annecy france
cartapapa 18/06/2016 Legacy Montpellier FRANCE
gamecash soissons 18/06/2016 Legacy soissons France
gamecash soissons 18/06/2016 Modern soissons France
Estaminet des Trolls 18/06/2016 Legacy lille france
Geek Cash 19/06/2016 Legacy Audincourt France
GamePlace 19/06/2016 Legacy Luzern Switzerland
gamecash soissons 25/06/2016 Legacy soissons France
gamecash soissons 25/06/2016 Modern soissons France