BoM Points: Win what you like! 13 Mar 2015 News by: Kevin


At GP Strasbourg, we experienced a brand new way to give out prizes. It's been really successful and we have decided to run it at all our events. The system is easy:


Instead of fixed prizes you may not be thrilled about, you will earn BoM points at ALL Side Events.
Yes, ALL Side Events: This includes Friday Trials and 8-player tournaments.


BoM Points can be converted into the boosters, singles or goodies that YOU like
Check our selection of top singles and exclusive goodies in our Prize Wall section

Points can be accumulated through the week-end
You don't need to choose a prize immediately. You can keep them throughout the whole week-end to be eligible to even better prizes.

Team with your friends
You can combine your BoM points to get better prizes.
How nice would it be that five of you share a ComicCon "Black" Planeswalkers Set?
Or that, instead of 30 individual boosters, you have a filmed brand new box of product?
Or maybe a whole case of product?


And if you have remaining BoM points at the end of the week-end, don't worry. Our prize wall will remain open until very late on Sunday evening!


Check out what's in it!


BoM's staff