BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Trials, Byes, Sleep-in Special, BoM10 2 Apr 2014 News by: Kevin


BoM9 Trials


First, we would like to warmly thank the numerous TOs who are organizing Trials for BoM9.

To make it more convenient to find a Trial near you, we've put all the Trials for BoM9 that have been and are to be organized on a Google Maps:


This map is updated regularly and we plan on keeping it updated for each and every BoM that'll happen from now on.



Byes at BoM9


We've noticed that players Top8ing a BoM were not granted byes for the next Edition. For BoM9, Legacy and Vintage Top4 players from BoM8 (in Paris) will be granted two byes for the Main Event in the same format. Top8 players will get one.



Last Chance Trials



Thursday, May 1st will be the last day for you to earn byes for BoM9 Legacy Main Event.

Please remember that the Infinite Trials package is only available online. We still have some left but don't expect to be able to subscribe to it on site!



We're also pleased to announce that players in the first 6 Trials will each receive a Bazaar of Moxen deck box !



Finally, all Trial Winners will get free Sleep-in Special in the Legacy Main Event.





Sleep-in Special


That's it, we're now offering Sleep-in Special at BoM. On top of being allowed to skip the Seat All Players, we'll also provide you breakfast to start the day in the best possible way!

The cost for Sleep-in Special is still the same: 15€ and you can subscribe to it here





We've been asked the question many times. There will not be a BoM in Paris this year. The main reason is that bank holidays just don't fit a possible 3-day event Another factor is that you were not thrilled by the location nor by the venue. Unfortunately, this is the only venue that we can afford in Paris so we have to discontinue BoM in Paris.