BoM 09 Annecy 2014 The first pieces of BoM9 schedule! 6 Mar 2014 News by: Kevin


First, thank you all for joining us at GP Paris. We believe you've had a blast there and we're excited to welcome you to BoM9, which we will hold in Annecy in about two months, from Thursday, May 1st to Sunday, May 4th!


The venue is the same as last year:

Complexe d'animation

2000, route d'Albertville

74320 Sevrier





A new Main Event


As usual, we're doing our best to innovate so as to offer you an always better experience playing Magic!


Following this trend, we've crafted a brand new Main Event for BoM9! Its format is Modern and we'll be delighted to offer the winner no less than an Alpha Black Lotus.




One Main Event each day!


Adding Modern will allow us to run one Main Event each day!

  • Thursday will feature a Sealed PTQ.
  • The Legacy Main Event will be on Friday.
  • We've decided to place the Modern Main Event on Saturday.
  • And as usual, the Vintage Main Event will take place on Sunday.
  • Finally, we'll hold two Duel Commander events on Saturday and Sunday.



Your favorite format each day!


We've asked for your feedback after BoM8. Amongst the many useful feedback you've provided, we've noticed that many of you expressed desire to play their favorite format all week-end.

We've listened to you and will therefore hold one tournament in each of the following formats each day: Legacy, Vintage, Modern and Limited.


We can already announce that Legacy, Modern and Vintage Side Events will all be trials for either BoM9 or BoM10's corresponding Main Event (depending on the day they take place).


Details will soon be available on our Side Event schedule page!



Legacy Last Chance Trials


Considering the success Last Chance Trials have been at GP Paris, we have chosen to offer something similar for BoM9.

Thursday Trials will be 32-player single-elimination events. Entry fee is 15€ and each trial has a global prize pool of 2 boosters per player. Winner will earn 2 byes for the Legacy Main Event, Finalist will get 1 bye.


We will offer you again the Infinite Trials Package. For 40€, you'll be able to play all day-long, from 10:00 to 03:00 (Last trial will fire at 22:00). It will be available online only and limited to 128 packages.