BoM 09 Annecy 2014 Organizing a BoM Trial 24 Dec 2013 News by: Kevin

Dear tournament organizer,

Once again, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to organize a Trial for Bazaar of Moxen inside your shop.
BoM9 will take place in Annecy from May 1st to May 4th 2014.

We are convinced that organizing Trials for BoM9 is a great opportunity for you to attract new players to your shop, no matter which format they prefer.




A Trial is a Magic tournament with special prizes. The winners gain "byes" for a specific tournament.
A player with X byes doesn't need to play the X first rounds of a tournament and is considered as having won them automatically.




Trials may only be organized by WPN TOs or independent TOs affiliated to a WPN TO.
Trials may be organized from Saturday 4 January 2014 to Sunday 20 April 2014.


Each TO may organize up to ONE trial in each of the following formats:
- Legacy
- Vintage
- Modern

Trials grant byes for the Main Event of the corresponding format. Players do not get to choose which tournament they get byes for.


Each validated BoM Trial will offer 2 byes to the winner and 1 bye to the finalist.
Byes are not cumulative. (Winning one bye twice does NOT result in having two byes)


Considering the importance of having byes in a given tournament, BoM trials are serious tournament that MUST be run at Competitive REL and Head Judged by a Certified Magic Judge (level 1 or higher). The name of the judge should be entered in WER.
Failure to comply to these requirements may result in the invalidation of your trial and cancellation of the byes.

Warning: Neither the TO nor the judge may play in the Trial. If that happens, the Trial will be automatically invalidated by Wizards of the Coast and byes will be cancelled.
Note that if the TO is affiliated to a shop, that shop's TO cannot play in the Trial either.


In order to make the process for sanctioning your trials smoother for everybody, we need you to follow these steps:

  • Create and sanction your event using Wizards Event Reporter (WER).
    Both date and format must be exact and cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Send an e-mail to at least 3 weeks before your event with the following information:
    • Tournament sanctioning number:
    • WPN Shop's name:

If you would like your trial to appear on, please also provide us with:

  • Contact e-mail adress:
  • Event Date:
  • Event City:
  • Event Country:

Because Wizards of the Coast needs to manually modify the status of your tournament to make it a BoM Trial, it is essential that we receive your information at least three weeks before your event. As soon as we have confirmation of the status change by Wizards of the Coast, we will let you know. If you plan on running one in January, let us know and we'll go over the possibilities for reducing that duration.

Note that making this timing possible allows referencing your tournament as a Bazaar of Moxen trial in WotC's Store locator.

We recommend that you put a link to in your announcements so that your players know what is BoM and why they definitely should try to have byes for BoM8.




  • Once your tournament is completed, upload it using WER. Trials MUST have been processed by Wizards of the Coast to grant byes to players.
    No exception to this rule will be made!
  • Send us an email to with the following information:
    • Tournament's Sanctioning number
    • TO (or shop)'s name
    • Name, First name and DCI Number of the winner
    • Name, First name and DCI Number of the runner-up

We will publish a list of the players with byes on this website.