BoM 09 Annecy 2014 List of BoM9 Trials 19 Mar 2014 News by: Guillaume


Here is the full list of the tournaments that offer Byes for BoM9 (May, 1st-May 4th in Annecy)


To allow you to double check the number of byes you have, we'll report the names of the Trial winners here. We expect Tournament Organizers (TO) to report us tournaments results within one week. If your name doesn't appear on this list one week after the event, please follow this procedure:

  • Contact your TO first to make sure he has sent us the Trial results. If he does not send us the results, we cannot process anything.
  • If your TO indicates he sent the results, ask him to get in touch with us at

Note that, for byes to be granted, the tournament must have been successfully reported using Wizards Event Reporter. We cannot be held responsible if the tournament has not been reported to or invalidated by Wizards of the Coast. In such a case, we unfortunately cannot do anything and you'll need to have a discussion with your TO.


Located a BoM9 trials : Click here



Legacy Trials:



Date Shop Place Contact
4/9/2014 Dragon's Lair  Aarhus (Denmark)
4/12/2014 Magic Frag Marseille Marseille (France)
4/12/2014 Zwergenschmiede Bern (Swizerland)
4/12/2014 EVOLUTION STORE SEVILLA (Spain) Sevilla (Spain)
4/12/2014 D6 Hobby Games Vilnius (Lithuania)
4/13/2014 Gamers World.  Dublin (Ireland)
4/13/2014 Outpost Bruxelles Bruxelles (Belgium)
4/13/2014 Cosansò Roma (Italy)
4/13/2014 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas  (Spain)
4/13/2014 Caos A.D. Savona Vado Ligure (SV) (Italy)
4/13/2014 GameLord Lodz (Poland)
4/13/2014 Bazaar of Magic Amstelveen (Netherland)
4/13/2014 Eron's Entertainment Store  Utrecht (Netherland)
4/18/2014 Cybergames 08 Charleville-Mézières (France)
4/19/2014 Power Nine Clermont-Ferrand (France)
4/19/2014 Bazinga! Mol (Belgium)
4/19/2014 Le Grand Cercle Pontoise (France) 
4/19/2014 La règle du jeu Tours (France)
4/19/2014 Strefa MtG Warsaw (Poland)
4/19/2014 Magic Bazar Annecy (France)  
4/19/2014 Troc N' Troll / Game Cash  Nantes (France)
4/20/2014 Outpost Gamecenter Antwerpen (Belgium) 
4/20/2014 Gargula Templo de Jogos Odivelas (Portugal)
4/20/2014 Playoteket Center Lund Lund (Sweden)
4/20/2014 The Games Shop Aldershot (England)
4/20/2014 Spellbound Games Glasgow (Scotland)
4/26/2014 inGenio Barcelona (Spain)


Vintage Trials


Date Shop Place Contact
4/12/2014 Evolution Madrid Norte Alcobendas  (Spain)
4/13/2014 Gameforce Eindhoven (Scotland)
4/13/2014 Zwergenschmiede Bern (Swizerland)
4/13/2014 EVOLUTION STORE SEVILLA (Spain) Sevilla (Spain)
4/13/2014 Eron's Entertainment Store  Utrecht (Netherland)
4/13/2014 Cards Kingdom Paternò (Italy)
4/19/2014 Outpost Bruxelles Bruxelles (Belgium)
4/19/2014 Joutes et Jeux Grenoble (France)

Modern Trials



Date Shop Place Contact
4/12/2014 Gamers World Dublin (Ireland)
4/12/2014 Cybergames 08 Charleville-Mézières (France)
4/13/2014 Zwergenschmiede Bern (Swizerland)
4/15/2014 Joute et jeux Grenoble (France)
4/19/2014 Magic Frag Marseille Marseille (France)
4/19/2014 Eron's Entertainment Store  geldermalsen (Netherland)




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