BoM 09 Annecy 2014 BoM9 Main changes 11 Mar 2014 News by: superadmin

The Modern Main Event


When we've asked for your feedback after BoM8, many of you indicated they were pleased we introduced a Modern tournament at BoM.

At the same time, and after the hint we'd had at GP Antwerp (1600 players), the Modern format is clearly on an ascending slope, as proven by the attendances at GP Prague (1500 players) and the astonishing GP Richmond (more than 4300 players).


We've therefore made the decision to promote this format and that's why we've made the decision to set as its top prize a Beta Black Lotus!

[Please note that due to unfortunate circumstances, we have replaced the Alpha Black Lotus by a Beta Black Lotus, since the seller cancelled our purchase. We're nevertheless happy to let you know that the condition of the Beta Black Lotus we have is much better than the Alpha one]




The Legacy Main Event held on a bit more than one day


Another recurring feedback after BoM8 showed a regret that, when you were making Day2, you could not take part into the Vintage Main Event or the Modern tournament, while many would have liked to play one of these in addition to the Legacy Main Event.

However, we certainly did not want to go back to a system where you were playing Marathon: The Gathering, with a finals happening at 03:00 in the morning.

This is the system we've been coming with:

  • Depending on attendance, 9 or 10 Swiss rounds will be played on Friday.
  • The single-elimination Top (8 or 16, depending on attendance) will be played on Saturday morning at 08:30, after a resting night of sleep. Players competing on Saturday morning will receive up to 2 byes to allow them to join the Modern Main Event or the Legacy tournament.


Gradual Entry fees


We believe our BoM8 innovation of creating different entry fees to encourage you to register in advance so that we could plan ahead of time was a good idea and will therefore run that system again.

Some of you mentioned that the time frames were suboptimal, and the supportive arguments raised made sense. We have tkneThis time, here is the structure we'll use:


  • Until Sunday, April 27th, online registration will allow you to save 10€ on the Entry Fee. As usual, we want to incentivize and reward those who commit to the event and help us preparing it as best as possible.
  • In the last 3 days leading to BoM9 (until Wednesday evening), you will still be able to register online with a 5€ discount.
  • Same goes to on-site registration until the day before the event you want to compete in. Indeed, we want to encourage you to register before the actual morning of the event. We know you all love timely events with as little delay as possible and want to reward those who help us doing that.
  • Finally, those who will choose to come in the morning of the event will be charged with the full Entry Fee.


90% of the players did register online for GP Paris. We hope to see an even higher number for BoM9. We believe we are offering a structure that creates a win-win exchange where we can plan more and you pay less! These two elements lead to the exact same conclusion: Everybody will spend an even more awesome week-end!



Details on the Main Events can be found right below. (or here!)